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5 Playboy Models Who Need To Put Some Clothes On

Playboy ditches its nudes: nakedness is passé they say. Thank goodness for Spring 2016 trends offering resolution to the now off-trend centre folds.
5 Playboy Models Who Need To Put Some Clothes On | EDITED

Here’s something we didn’t see coming: Playboy shocked the internet yesterday by announcing they will no longer publish photos of nude women. According to CEO Scott Flanders, nudity is passé.

We know that all trends have a lifespan and nudity has had a pretty good run, now totalling 300,000 years. But just like skinny jeans, even the most successful looks come to pass. Savvy retailers would have spotted the early warning signs – an uptick in dressing gowns this September and a decline in baby oil.

Thankfully, with the Spring 2016 runway shows just finished, there’s plenty of options for those looking to move on from nudity. We revisited some of Playboy’s most famous nude celebrity shoots and dressed them in our favorite Spring 2016 runway trends.

Welcome to the modern world, Hef & Co. Here’s to hoping people like reading the articles after all.

Frill Seekers


Frills on frills on frills. We saw asymmetric tiers and peplum shapes fly over shoulders, down sleeves and across dresses. Much like Pamela Anderson, they’re flirty and feminine. Embrace the frivolity of it and feel the wind beneath your flounces next Spring.

Festival Fever


Even the most glamorous among us needs to kick back occasionally, and Spring 2016 is the time for it. Festival fashion took hold of the runways at Saint Laurent, Lacoste and House of Holland with colorful raincoats, sundresses and experimental denim. Kim, pass on the Courvoisier, instead grab yourself a tin of lager and head to one of summer’s dance tents. Music-inspired hedonism will drive fashion and accessories through Spring and Summer. Perfect if you spend a lot of time around a guy who thinks he’s the greatest living rock star on the planet.

Shoulders Are In, So Get Them Out


For the last three seasons on the runway, and 62 years in Playboy, abs have ruled the roost. Spring 2016 sees an about-turn, with shoulders the new focal point. We saw shoulders missing on tops, knits and dresses in clean-cut modern looks and more whimsical, romantic looks in New York, London, Milan and Paris.



Androgyny has been simmering for some time for both men’s and womenswear. Spring 2016 continued the gender play with masculine tailoring and blown-up proportions. The emphasis is on 80s and 90s shapes – think big shoulders, statement sleeves and wider legwear. Show them who’s boss in a blazer. So much less restricting than those ribbons, hey Naomi?

Slumber Style


One of the biggest trends of the month was pyjama dressing. It’s got that same come-to-bed suggestion but with a whole lot more surface interest. Key takeaways: slips and camisole dresses, worn with an air bohemian insouciance and silk pyjama shirts and pant co-ord sets. Hugh Hefner himself has been an early backer of this trend – rumoured to own 112 pairs worn with velvet monogramed slippers. It’s about time his female friends joined the pyjama party.

Want the nudity to stay? We’re afraid you’re alone there. But want to know more about which Spring 2016 trends will make it big in retail? That we can do – just get in touch with us here.

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