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22 Moments Any Buyer Knows Too Well

Buyer problems: it's a tough job, and we bet buyers are all too familiar with these 22 scenarios.
22 Moments Any Buyer Knows Too Well | EDITED

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1. When your friend thinks it’d be fun to go shopping at the weekend.

2. When the factory promises you it’s on a boat.

3. When the weather surprises you because you forgot what season it really was.

4. When you’re in a job interview and they call merchandisers planners, your seasons are a phase and neither of you know what an allocator is.

5. When you’re at a tradeshow and security makes you scribble out the notes you spent three hours working on.

6. When it’s the first week of summer but you’re surrounded by holiday merch and Santa prints.

7. When you try to read a magazine to relax but treat it like a comp shop.

8. When you negotiate anything and everything, including takeout delivery.

9. When you get caught taking sneaky photos in store.

10. When you have to get straight off an eight-hour red eye and head to the world’s busiest shopping streets.

11. When you know how much that dress really cost.

12. When you start having nightmares about all those fringed items you decided not to back.

13. When you end a phone call already knowing the supplier isn’t going to do what you just asked.

14. When your boyfriend tries to tell you there’s no such thing as OTB on the weekly groceries.

15. When your store insists they don’t have merchandise, but you clearly know it’s there!

16. When people don’t know the difference between black and Pantone Black 7C.

17. When people comment on your efficiency using a calculator.

18. When the new style you backed is last week’s top seller.

19. When you want 90% of the new collection for your own wardrobe but will have to wait 6 months for delivery.

20. When you drop the swatch in your coffee.

21. When you can expense dinner on a buying trip but all you really want to do is soak your feet.

22. When you just can’t choose.

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