Adidas’ Samba trainers have gone beyond cult status – they’ve become an iconic shoe for both Millennials and Gen Z, rewriting the playbook for sneaker success.

However, as Samba fatigue sets in across the market, retailers and customers alike want to know what the next big trend will be.

In the final episode of the season, EDITED Retail Analyst Karis Munday joins Grace Hill to discuss her report, “What will be the next Samba” (used in reporting by Business of Fashion, Bloomberg, and Hypebeast). 

Karis and Grace discuss the story of how a single pair of trainers has reshaped the market as well as the power of celebrity endorsements and collaborations. 

Plus, Karis shares lessons retailers can take from the Samba, key strategies for a successful launch, and ways to continue to drive growth and hype. 

Have we reached peak Samba? If so, what’s next? 

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