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EDITED is the leader in global retail analytics. We provide market data, trend insights, and AI-driven solutions so you can see what’s happening both inside and outside of your business faster, and take action immediately.

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Connected Commerce

Better results now

In uncertain retail environments and with new challenges daily, the right information matters now more than ever. The world’s leading retailers have the EDITED advantage to make better decisions that reduce risk and drive higher margins.

+ 11%
Avg increase in sales revenue, YoY 2022
+ 38%
Improvement in full-price sell through reported YTD
Increase in best-sellers launched YTD 2022
$28M +
Reported avoidance of revenue lost YTD 2022
Decision Intelligence

4 Pillars of Connected Commerce


See everything that happens in the market

Our AI engine collects, tracks, categorizes, and normalizes all the market data you need. Instantly see analysis on pricing, discounts, assortment, colors, patterns, materials, keywords, and more across more than 4 billion products globally. Find underserved customers, markets, and categories and plan product and geographical expansion strategies to attract customers at high margins.

Decision intelligence tools to drive actionable insights

Enterprise Intelligence allows you to connect all of your data from different sources and create advanced metrics and analytics. With seamless, automatic data ingestion, Enterprise Intelligence enables scalable, rapid reporting and analytics, allowing your business to focus on growth opportunities and maximize your commercial potential.

Take action faster with AI-powered automations

Most retailers take weeks to implement changes. Manual processes are slow and error-prone. With EDITED’s Retail Automation, you can optimize your business using hundreds of market and enterprise data signals and advanced metrics to power improvements in product sorting, pricing, discounting, replenishment, customer engagement and more.

Capitalize quickly on new trends

Always know what’s trending, what’s selling, and what’s winning. Our retail reports will help your team find new trends and react quickly. Our analytics tools allow you to dig into the products behind those trends to find market opportunities for your brand.

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“You need to act as soon as you see something evolving. The trends that we spot in EDITED go into our rapid response packs.”

Danny Brown, PUMA UK’s Business Operations Manager
Our Data

We track 4B+ SKUs globally and have over 12 years of market data. EDITED offers the SaaS solutions that refine, connect and automate the key data points that drive insights and reveal opportunities. Teams have the insights they need easier and faster to drive their business.

Our Company

Founded in 2009, EDITED started with the mission to bring insights and innovation to retail. We saw how having the right information early could directly impact the success and profitability of assortment planning, pricing and promotional strategies.

Our Insights

Our customers and global press come to EDITED for the trends, metrics and solutions that impact global brands. Never miss an insight with over 2000 reports a year written by our team of retail analysts. With Expert Services our teams deliver customized insights and reports.