Vogue Business’s recent sustainability article highlights that, ”A spate of new regulations could come with serious implications for an industry unaccustomed to navigating policy.”

The regulatory environment is undergoing such drastic changes that the fashion industry cannot sustain its current operations. Reports forecast that up to 75 percent of existing businesses may vanish within the next three to five years due to their inability to meet compliance standards. Historically, the onus has been on the consumer to recycle, and while brands have a desire to engage, the challenge has always been how?

Formerly at ASOS, Simon Platts is now a co-founder of Recomme, a platform that allows brands to easily join the circular economy.

In this conversation with Grace Hill, Simon explains the urgent need for a circular economy in the fashion industry, how the Recomme platform is helping brands take responsibility for recycling, and how brands can design products for longevity with profitability in mind.

Looking ahead, Simon discusses innovative solutions like product passports to enhance transparency and that retailers must adapt quickly to scale sustainability efforts and meet consumer expectations.

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