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What you need to know about Farfetch

The purchase of, hiring of Natalie Massenet and a rumoured IPO, what is Farfetch up to? We checked in on the retail data behind the platform.

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What’s the cost of not being cool?

The bounty of millennial retail appears great: trend-adoring shoppers who replace their outfit for every selfie. But what does it cost to not be millennial?

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  • Events
  • 5th Jun 2017
Proof that AI technology is boosting retail

Growth in today’s aggressive market doesn’t happen by accident. Ask any brand and retailer that relies on data based analytics and you’ll soon realize why it’s such a cornerstone of their business.

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The more expensive wine becomes, the cheaper activewear gets

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association says thanks to Brexit, wine prices are climbing. Happily, we’ve found one unlikely apparel category does the inverse…

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Why aren’t Marks & Spencer efforts working yet?

Why can’t Marks & Spencer get its apparel back on track? We look at the data behind product and price to see where changes still need to be made.

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  • Trend
  • 24th May 2017
This Summer’s Unlikeliest Trends

Some trends are baffling. Where’s the unicorn thing come from? And laced-up jeans? Here are this summer’s head-scratch moments.

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