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Now is Your Chance to Ask Us Anything

Your industry questions, answered. No matter how long you've worked in the apparel industry, you can't know everything. So just ask us, and we'll find out.
Now is Your Chance to Ask Us Anything | EDITED

The apparel industry is a fast-paced, fascinating and, at times, baffling place to work. And no matter how long you’ve been in it, there will always be a few things things you don’t quite understand. You may not even know who to ask for an explanation. Or you may just be embarrassed to admit you don’t know. We’ve been there too. That’s just how it is in an industry that requires such a broad range of knowledge.

So we’re handing it over to you. Tell us in confidence the things that you just don’t get or have never found an answer to. We’ve got decades of combined experience, and an address book full of the industry’s biggest brains to call upon. If there’s an answer, we’ll find it. Why? Because we like to fix industry problems. It’s why we built EDITD in the first place.

So come and share! All you need to do, is head here and submit your question anonymously. We’ll be posting the answers on the blog shortly.