Strategy & Insight

Retail Analytics & Insights for Strategy Teams

Get fast facts on your business and the competition’s

By connecting internal analytics and external market data, strategy and insights teams use EDITED’s platforms to inform their business partners on relevant insights, and support decision makers in turning data-backed information into actionable strategies.

Strategy & insights

Get to the facts in a matter of minutes

Tap into the specific data sets you need, when you need them

Use our competitive market data to analyze what your competitors are doing right now, and how they’ve behaved historically with Market Analytics.

Spot trends early

Analyze assortment sizes, category growth and trend life-cycles across the market.

Benchmark prices

Quickly benchmark your competition’s price architecture to reveal pricing opportunities.

Analyze discounts

Determine when your competitors are discounting their products, and by how much.

Track themes

See what themes your competitors are promoting across their webpages and emails.

Strategy & Insight

Support your teams with the insights that matter most

Hear from Meghan Crane, Director of Marketplace Insights PVH, and Randy Cousin, SVP of Product Concept & the People’s Place Program at Tommy Hilfiger, on how using EDITED’s Market Intelligence has enabled them to deliver critical insights to their business partners throughout the product lifecycle.

Enterprise INtelligence

Action at the speed
of insight

Get speed-to-insight with your brand’s data, in one place

EDITED’s Enterprise Intelligence platform makes it easy to leverage your internal data more effectively, meaning you can provide actionable recommendations to your business partners.

Granular and quick-action reporting on individual and category-level product performance.

Automated recommendations improve your business by highlighting key metrics.

Centralized insights into customer cohorts, conversion and loyalty.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.