Data-backed marketing analysis and strategy

From succeeding to leading, in-depth market analysis for every decision. EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides retail marketing teams with unparalleled visibility into the marketing strategy and emerging trends globally. 


10,000+ landing
pages and emails
at your fingertips

Undeniably superior, effortlessly integrated: Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising uses machine learning to analyze over 1000 emails and over 10,000 home and landing pages in real-time, providing marketing teams with identifiable patterns to see what’s working and make strategic decisions on the direction of their brand.

Promo visibility

See how promotional activities are executed across all relevant markets.

Total visibility

Monitor and review current or historical promotional activities on one platform.

Smart filtering

Our refined filter panel lets you drill deeper into the data that matters most to you.

Heatmap analysis

Visualize and capitalize on key promotional opportunities quickly and easily.


“Using EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud, we can see competitors’ and hundreds of other brands’ digital marketing with just a few clicks… It puts actionable supplemental competition insights at our fingertips, without adding work.”

Adam Rohletter, Lane Bryant’s AVP of marketing

Retail Reports

Unmatched insight into the retail industry

Our in-house team of analysts combines years of industry experience with real-time data from Market Analytics to provide the most up-to-date trend reports you can trust, helping your team invest in the right product, contextualize industry shifts and react quickly.

Identify and understand emerging and existing trends broken out by demographic.

From Vogue to Tik Tok, Retail Reports coverage across fashion, pop culture, and lifestyle content.

Focus on your marketing strategy with detailed, data-backed reports tailored to your requirements.

Insights into how the wider industry is performing and of-the-moment coverage.


Runway Reports

All of the latest, delivered to you within 24 hours

Within 24 hours of a major show hitting the catwalk, our industry veteran, in-house Retail Analysts provide a full breakdown of the looks, colors, patterns, trends and themes that matter to you in an easy-to-digest format. 

Exclusive and comprehensive data-driven buyer guide reports per season.

Next-day category overviews for all major cities including Paris, London, New York and more.

High-res images with individual collection analysis profiling key colors, looks, and details.

Core, commercial, and directional products by category to translate runway trends for your customer.

Reimagining Retail

Solutions for unified commerce

EDITED’s Connected Commerce Cloud provides leading retailers with the solutions they need to optimize their omnichannel strategy and digitalization.