Phasing Calendar: Dresses – 2024 – UK

These reports provide a category breakdown of arrivals, discounts and sell outs, alongside average temperatures, over the past year to help inform your 2024 phasing calendar, backed by EDITED data.

  • Sweater dress communications have been sparse in April, though data shows arrivals began to build up. Create communications for this style to align with newness and push the product as a transitional option for going out.
  • 2022 saw August and September temperatures exceed July, though linen dress arrivals contracted 6pp. Ensure new options are phased in to capitalize on delayed summer heatwaves and refrain from discounting in mid-season sales.
  • While demand for the floral midi dress has peaked, Bloomcore will reinvigorate fresh interest in the classic style. Consider early March arrivals to get ahead of competitors for spring drops and avoid newness being caught up in New Year markdowns.
  • Bring party dress deliveries and communications forward from November to September/October to increase their selling period. Satin and sequinned dresses experienced full price sales in early October, while assortments and communications can be tweaked to tap the demand for spring weddings in March and April.

This report is a teaser of our new Phasing Calendar series. EDITED customers can access the analysis in full, which features further dress shapes and also read knitwear, swim, footwear, bottoms and outerwear reports. Learn more about EDITED Research.

Dresses Arrivals Phasing Calendar 2024

Guidance is based on 2022/2023 (Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023) market data across our analyzed retailers. Peak intake periods are highlighted. Arrivals may also occur outside of these periods. 

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sweater Dresses
Linen Dresses
Floral Dresses
Party Dresses*
Peak Arrivals

*Party = sequin, velvet, silk and satin dresses

Party Dresses

Peak Stats

  • New Arrivals: Nov (Week 47) 2022
  • Discounts: Dec (Week 53) 2022
  • Majority SKU Sell Outs: Nov 2023
  • Communications: Nov (Week 46), Nov (Week 47), Nov (Week 48) 2022

2022/2023 Learnings

  • October and November accounted for 35% of party dress arrivals over the 12-month period, seeping into the core discounting time of Cyber Month and the festive period, which saw 43% of styles marked down.
  • While the bulk of sales occurred in November-January due to markdowns, March and April boasted strong sell outs at 13%.
  • Communications intensified at the start of November, aligning with “get ready for party season” the main message as seen at H&M and Ghost.

To Consider in 2024

  • Bring deliveries and communications forward to September and October to increase full price sell outs and avoid styles falling into sales messaging.
  • This strategy proved successful as satin and sequinned dresses arriving in early October saw success at Zara and NA-KD in 2022.
  • Majority SKU sell outs were noted in March and April, outlining opportunities to tweak assortments and communications to capitalize on the demand for silk and satin for spring weddings.

UK Sequin, Velvet, Silk and Satin Dresses Arrivals, Discounts & Majority SKU Sell Outs by Month

Products that have arrived, had a first discount or had a majority SKU sell out Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023

Sequin, Velvet, Silk and Satin Dresses Communications Timing

All UK emails tracked Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023

How to Pivot in 2024

If it’s a Wet Summer…

If there’s a Heatwave…

  • Lean into Euro Summer communications, using destination dressing to promote strappy mini and maxi styles, as seen at ASOS and boohoo curating Mykonos and Ibiza edits.
  • Promote transitional pieces that boast seasonless appeal, like long-sleeved sweater dresses, midi silhouettes and knitted styles for colder temperatures.
  • Encourage add-on purchases by communicating styling guides for layering dresses with jackets, hosiery and boots or highlighting products “for rain or shine” or “whatever the weather” as seen at River Island.
  • 2023’s delayed summer saw consumers shun fall newness, which impacted retail sales.1September sizzler hurts UK retail as shoppers avoid autumn fashions – Reuters Phase breezy linen and floral dresses into September to ensure newness as customers will be unlikely to update their winter wardrobes at this time.
  • Be reactive with communications. If you’re sitting on high levels of seasonal stock towards the end of summer and the temperatures rise, consider a 24- or 48-hour flash sale as seen at Monsoon, which advertised “summer’s last hurrah.”
  • If your high summer dresses are due to land in H2, cross-promote for festival season and weddings to ensure maximum exposure.
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Understanding this chart & report:
New Arrivals – new product arrivals Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023
First Discounted – products that received their first price reduction Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023
Majority SKU Sell Outs – products that sold out across the majority of its SKUs Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023
UK average temperatures refer to The Met Office’s monthly reports.
To normalize the data percentages are calculated, analyzing the % of arrivals/discounts/majority SKU sell outs per month compared to the total trend arrivals/discounts/majority SKU sell outs over the 12-month period.
Category Analysis:
Products are pulled using a mixture of EDITED category & subcategory filters as well as keyword inclusions/exclusions.

UK retailers considered
& Other Stories, ARKET, Bershka, Boden, FatFace, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Matalan, NA-KD, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, UNIQLO, Zara