product matching

Global insights with product matching

Unlock competitive insights

Leveraging machine learning, Product Matching allows retailers to react to competitive price and stock adjustments in real time. Product Matching scans 5+ billion SKUs and returns exact and similar matches. Product Matching is your key to unlocking competitive insights and geographic decisions, automating price and replenishment actions.

product matching

Identify assortment overlap

Product Matching uses information collected through our trackers (i.e. images, name, description, brand, and color) to match products. Users are able to approve and reject the matches based on their own criteria on what they want to compare against.

Weekly analysis

Analyze competitor assortment strategies and see if they’re having an impact on your own performance.

Seasonal benchmarking

Analyze competitor’s core assortments across regions to stay competitive and correctly positioned in key markets.

Wholesale tracking

Monitor competitors and distributor websites to see how products have been successfully marketed or mispositioned.

Global pricing insights

Enter new markets with ease and view key products from competitor assortments to understand pricing.


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