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Global market intelligence on billions of products

When it comes to understanding your market, better data means better outcomes. From high level trends to detailed pricing analysis of niche categories, we’ve got you covered.

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    Analyze 4 billion products

  • Market Intelligence

    See everything that happens in the market

    Our AI engine collects, tracks, categorizes, and normalizes all the market data you need. Instantly see analysis on pricing, discounts, assortment, colors, patterns, materials, keywords, and more across more than 4 billion products.

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    • Worlds largest source of retail market data
    • 4 billion products tracked
    • More than 10 years of historic data
    • Global coverage
    Analytics Maximise Margins
    Market Intelligence

    Set the right price, every time

    Know how to price products before launch and when to set discounts that increase market share without destroying margins. Spot pricing opportunities with easy-to-read pricing analysis tools.

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    • Never overdiscount again
    • Track competitor pricing and discounts over time
    • Compare pricing architectures by assortment or category
    • Set the right price, at the right time
    • More than 10 years of pricing data
    Analytics Headers
    Market Intelligence

    Beat competitors to market every time

    Use our tools to see gaps in assortment, pricing, color, material, category, and more. Find underserved customers, markets, and categories and plan product and geographical expansion strategies to attract new and underserved customers at high margins.

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    • See gaps in competitor assortment
    • Understand what products have frequent stockouts
    • Find opportunities for product expansion, globally and locally
    • Break into new verticals like fashion, homeware, and beauty
    Data Competitiors
    Market Intelligence

    Capitalize quickly on new trends

    Always know what’s trending, what’s selling, and what’s winning. Our daily retail reports will help your team find new trends and react quickly. Our analytics tools allow you to dig into the products behind those trends to find market opportunities for your brand.

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    • Spot new trends quickly
    • See the products behind the trends
    • Know how to price and position quickly
    • Analyze your competitor’s designs
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    Market Intelligence

    Data-backed retail analysis and strategy from experts

    With EDITED, you're not alone. Our in-house team of analysts combine years of industry knowledge with retail data to provide comprehensive reports you can trust. All the latest and emerging trends as well as runway analysis, sorted by city, season, and category, covering every major designer.

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    • In-house analyst team with decades of industry knowledge
    • Recommendations from industry experts
    • 30+ retail reports released weekly
    • Runway reports for every season and major designer
    Research Hero
    Market Intelligence

    Get your promotional strategy right

    Perfectly time product launches and promotions ahead of your competitors. Tell the right story and capture the right audience. See all promotional communications from your competitors worldwide and pinpoint key trends.

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    • Monitor competitor promotional emails
    • Understand how competitors position their products
    • View competitor promotional campaign archives
    • Perfectly time your promotional campaigns
    Analytics Track Promotions
    Market Intelligence

    Fast ROI with beautifully displayed data

    Realize value from day one. With zero integration necessary, your team will be able to visualize what is happening in the market with dozens of pre-built product and pricing analysis tools. Our in-house retail strategists are on hand to help with analysis and ensure your team is successful.

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    • Zero integration
    • World-class support from retail strategists
    • Real-time market data beautifully visualized
    • Easily organize and share dynamic dashboards
    Overview Get It Right

    World-class support from retail experts

    We’re serious about getting you value from day one. Our in-house team of retail experts are on hand to help you get the answers you need and ensure you're set up for success.

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