Unbeatable retail data and analytics

Comprehensive global market data built for successful retail teams

When it comes to understanding your market, better data means better outcomes. From high level trends to detailed pricing analysis of niche categories across apparel, homeware, and beauty, we’ve got you covered with EDITED Market Analytics solutions.


Beat competitors to market every time

Visibility on 4 billion SKUs across 140k+ retailers

Use our retail data analytics tools to see gaps in assortment, pricing, color, material, category, and more. Find underserved customers, markets, and categories and plan product and geographical expansion strategies to attract new and underserved customers at high margins.

Find assortment gaps

See which categories are performing or underperforming across the market in real-time or historically.

Find opportunities

Understand what products have frequent stock outs across your competitive landscape, globally and locally.

Price strategically

Compare pricing architectures by assortment or category, across various regions, and track over time.

Insights for every team

Easily create and share dynamic dashboards across teams with the data to back up weekly trading conversations.


New in: Price Inflation Filter

React quickly to competitive price increases

Developed to help retailers navigate the ever-changing trading environment, this filter will allow you to identify products for which the price is now higher than the first price seen for that item. As price changes are happening daily, gain visibility using a quick filter check on the products included and the retailers doing this the most/least.

Monitor price increases

View products with a price increase over the first price offered to keep track on competitor mark-ups with real-time data

Identify assortment gaps

View Assortment charts for headlines on which products are increasing from their first price most frequently

Assess your competition

Combine with other tools in Market Analytics, such as Who and Where, to view brands and retailers increasing product categories


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