Enterprise Intelligence

Enterprise intelligence built for improving retail profit

Highly connected retail data enables your team to make better decisions quickly. Deliver higher revenue and profit with out-of-the-box industry metrics, insights, decision frameworks, and AI recommended actions.

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  • In Depth Analysis

    Remove data silos

  • Stay Ahead Of The Market

    Democratize insights

  • Identify Commercial Opportunities

    Predict outcomes

  • Tell The Right Story

    Diagnose results

  • Spot Assortment Gaps

    AI recommendations

  • Enterprise Intelligence

    Unify your retail data and democratize insights

    Give everyone on your team the ability to visualize website, CRM, marketing, OMS, inventory, logistical, and product cost data. Quickly see how over 600 retail business metrics are impacting profit, and act with confidence.

    • Overlay product analytics directly on your website
    • View analytics within your product management console
    • Know which products need more exposure, stock, or price changes
    • Evaluate the impact of every action’s effect on profit
    Unify and democratize your data
    Enterprise Intelligence

    Predict how business decisions will impact revenue and profit

    Make decisions with confidence using predictive analytics. Our prediction engine will forecast the financial impact of critical decisions on pricing, discounts, exposure, customer segmentation, replenishment, and more.

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    • Efficiently optimize pricing, product, and customer engagement
    • Forecast 100+ key metrics, including predicted Customer Lifetime Profitability
    • Prioritize the most impactful changes based on predicted profit gain
    Predictive Analytics forecasts future impact
    Enterprise Intelligence

    Understand the “why” behind the numbers

    Don’t miss the biggest opportunities by only looking at metric averages. Use EDITED to analyze your business on a microscopic level and determine where small changes will create big gains. See how product categories, brands, customer segments, marketing channels, order channels, shipping, geographies, and more are impacting every key metric.

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    • Understand root cause with diagnostic analytics
    • Eliminate the guesswork and easily explain movements with key data and insights
    • Know how everything from marketing to product availability is impacting metrics
    • Analyze at the product, SKU, color, and subcategory level
    Understand why your retail metrics are changing
    Enterprise Intelligence

    AI recommendations to improve revenue and profit

    EDITED doesn't just visualize your business data, it recommends ways to improve profit and revenue. Leveraging hundreds of data signals and prioritizing recommendations based on expected profit gain, we can help you identify ways to improve product exposure, pricing, replenishment, marketing, customer targeting, and more.

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    • Automatically identify opportunities and act with confidence
    • Get recommendations on price, replenishment, marketing spend, and more
    • Evaluate and prioritize changes based on impacts to profit and revenue
    • Smart alerts and task workflows to keep your team focused
    EDITED can recommend improvements for your business with AI

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