Enterprise intelligence platform

Retail decisions, simplified

Realize the full value of your data with retail business intelligence. EDITED’s Enterprise Intelligence seamlessly connects all of your metrics, identifying every insight and recommending ways to improve your retail or ecommerce business.

Enterprise intelligence

Decision intelligence tools to drive actionable insights

Enterprise Intelligence allows you to integrate all of your data in a single digital location. With seamless, automatic data ingestion, Enterprise Intelligence enables scalable, rapid reporting and analytics, allowing your retail business to focus on growth opportunities and maximize your commercial potential.

Determine which products require more exposure, discounts or replenishment.

Identify which products influence customer behavior including conversion and loyalty.

Learn which actions had the most significant impact on profits and understand why.

Find ways to improve product sorting and filtering to drive conversions.

“We can take action in five minutes in the meeting room, rather than having people going away to crunch the numbers and coming back two days later to take the action.”

Analytics Lead, Fortune 500 Multinational Retailer
Enterprise Intelligence

The pathway to true omnichannel retail

Unparalleled connection, accelerated direction
Visualize individual product performance and take action instantly
Basket Analysis
Improve your strategy and performance with Basket Analysis

Improve insights, accelerate actions, make data driven decisions across the business

Highly connected retail data enables your team to make better decisions quickly. Deliver higher revenue and profit with out-of-the-box industry metrics, insights, decision frameworks, and AI recommended actions.  

  • Connected data across your business for unmatched coverage
  • Internal, external, and partner data amalgamated into one platform 
  • Easy-to-use reporting and visuals that drive decision
  • Focus on opportunities and limit time spent building reports

Product and style level performance at your fingertips

DynamicView recognizes product IDs on the current web page in your browser, retrieves corresponding metric values, action candidates, and other analytic insights from the DynamicAction platform, and displays them on top of the corresponding product images and in a sidebar frame.

  • Insight and action badges superimposed on images on your website and vendor consoles for quick decision making.
  • Easily determine which products require additional exposure, a price or promotion change, or will need to be restocked.
  • Determine the effect of merchandising, marketing, and retailing actions on gross margin by category.

Drive average order value for key customer segments, promotions, categories and brands

Upgrade your marketing and merchandising strategies by better understanding your customers using real-time order metrics. Order affinities is a powerful tool that deconstructs order composition for key customer cohorts or channels, going far beyond basic basket analysis.

  • See what’s being ordered with what and what customer behavior you want to grow
  • Analyze promotion effectiveness and halo effect
  • Identify opportunities to drive higher average order value and items per order


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