They weren’t the first in retail fashion to start a meme account dedicated to their overworked and underappreciated lives, but the creative force behind ThisMerchLife is now the one everyone aspires to.

One of the first things you need to know about this special episode is that the identity of ThisMerchLife’s founder had to be kept in the strictest secrecy for them to agree to appear on the show. Their voice has been altered and the location of the recording was kept under wraps. Seems that turning a mirror on an entire industry, even in a fun way, doesn’t appeal to everyone.

A Laugh A Day Keeps the Sanity at Bay

Started during the pandemic in 2020, the account leapt to 2000 followers overnight and has since grown to almost 34,000 with its blend of familiar faces, familiar foibles and most importantly the familiarity of working as a fashion merchandiser.

Since it’s inception, while the lighthearted nature of the retail grind continues to make this a daily must visit account by industry insiders, it’s also become a way for those in merchandising to network, give each other new ideas and yes, also vent to a sympathetic and knowing audience. In short, it’s done what social media was meant to do all along – be a welcoming space for like minded people.

So, whether you’re a merchandiser, a buyer or some other important cog in the wheel of retail, sit back, relax and enjoy – just don’t do it at your desk! 🙂

Notable Quotable

“There’s so many easy things retailers can do that won’t cost them any money. It’s like an early finish on a Friday makes such a difference to people. Most of us start at eight o’clock, or a lot of people even earlier than that. We rarely get the time back. We often work overtime. So, if you’re told you can finish up at three o’clock or half three on a Friday that’s a nice thing.”

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