If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.



That may be a tired cliché but it really does describe BOBBLEHAUS Founders, Ophelia Chen and Abi Lierheimer. Both graduated from prestigious universities and quickly landed corporate jobs at companies like Coach, Champion and Bloomingdales. They were great places to learn the business but also highlighted how hard it was for older brands to adapt to an ever changing retail landscape.

On this episode, Grace Hill talks about one of the hottest fashion trends, streetwear, with two female trailblazers who are changing the face of this male dominated category.

How to Succeed in Business With Really Trying

Starting a new fashion brand is hard enough. What about launching one at the start of a global pandemic? That was the challenge facing Abi & Ophelia after leaving corporate jobs in May of 2020. So, it’s fitting they call BOBBLEHAUS a challenger brand.

“Every step of the way we challenge the status quo, we challenge the traditional processes,” says Ophelia.

The Future is Genderless

They may be two Chinese-American women competing in a crowded space filled with big name male fronted brands, but their version of streetwear is above all, authentic. Their designs reflect a youth culture that don’t fit themselves neatly into narrow demographics and are open to all the diversity found in fashion, music, art and technology. Most importantly, they are creating a style that is genderless. One that is welcoming, inclusive and community driven.

Notable Quotable

Abi – “I hope hype culture will slow down and…the consumer won’t be waiting around for the new product and as soon as it drops they spend a lot of money on it then immediately feel this sense of loss. When am I going to get the next thing?”


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