With the return of in-person runway shows, many brands approached this fashion season much differently than we’ve ever seen before. From Balenciaga’s Simpson collab to some digital shows, is this the future of runway?



Each season, our expert team of in-house analysts cover the shows extensively with specific reports catered to each city. Last week, we rounded up the top commercial trends in our analyst approved Spring 2022 trends, with the addition of EDITED data alongside it.

To get an editorial perspective on the major runway trends seen across all the cities, we invited Editor in Chief of WhoWhatWear UK, Hannah Almassi, onto the podcast. As the publication’s first EIC, Hannah launched the WhoWhatWear UK site and continues to build out its team, content strategy and editorial calendar. WhoWhatWear UK serves a core audience of fashion and beauty readers across the UK and Europe.

Key takeaways:

  • Hannah notes that this season has been incredibly visual as fashion enthusiasts look to be documented and photographed in their clothes off the back of a COVID filled year. She says, “All of the trends that I’m really picking up on are very, very visual and quite striking. So firstly, I think there’s no denying the vibrancy of colors, saturated hues. I’ve noticed a great deal of yellow orange, highlighted green and it really has continued on from the past season. It’s very much a kind of dedication to one color, head to toe mixing and matching.”
  • Standout shows that Hannah mentions are Miu Miu and Chanel from Paris Fashion Week. However, she also mentions, “I do feel we’re going through this phase where there were wildly different styles and aesthetics out there. And all of these brands are finding their kind of natural homes and their little cult following.”
  • Hannah’s advice on key items that retailers need to add into their assortments are tiny cutout dresses with subtle iterations, knitted dresses that tap into comfort, super bright dresses, tailoring such as oversized suiting looks, mini skirts and bikini tops layered with crop tops.

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