Plus-size has always been a niche category in the overall fashion landscape, but it’s set to be embraced even more as brands offer fresh size-inclusive ranges.



2020 threw inclusivity into the spotlight, where we saw a more size diverse representation across the industry. Both the mass and luxury market are now expanding its ranges including Erdem’s recent Pre-Spring 2021 collection, which unveiled a new size-inclusive direction for the luxury brand.

One retailer leading the size-inclusive space in luxury for the past four years is 11 Honoré. In our latest episode of unEDITED: Inside Retail, we’re joined by its VP of Client Services, Katie Murphy. Katie delivers tips for brands looking to foray into the market based on what she’s seen working for the first multi-brand inclusive platform.

Key takeaways:

  • 75% of women in the US are a size 14 and above. The opportunities are endless, however, there has to be a strategic approach with these questions in mind: What does the customer want? How are you being transparent? How are you communicating it?
  • If retailers are going to produce their own standalone diffusion line, they have to make sure it gives the plus-size consumer what they never had access to.
  • Size-inclusivity needs to be embedded in the DNA of a brand. You have to make sure anyone in your world, your community and your customer base is represented.
  • While jewelry has been a hero category in the midst of the pandemic due to the now common virtual work environment, most pieces are a one-size-fits-all. There is enormous potential to expand offers to appeal to the plus-size consumer for jewelry that fits bigger necks, wrists and fingers.
  • Social media plays a vital part in the size-inclusive conversation. By bringing the conversation to life, people of all shapes and sizes will feel included. Influencers such as Nicolette Mason, Kelly Brown and Gabi Gregg are doing a great job in leading the conversation and are ones to watch in 2021.

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