Black Friday 2020 broke all records, while the following Cyber Monday became the biggest shopping day in US history. Staying at home, the American consumer spent $19.8 billion across Friday and Monday. In contrast, there was a 16.7% YoY drop in Black Friday payments in the UK. So, how did retailers revise their reductions amid the new normal?



There’s not only been an increase in the amount of stock discounted but also a cautious approach to how deep products are reduced. As highlighted in our Black Friday trends blog, it’s more important than ever for retailers to navigate competitive offers to lure consumers online while protecting margins to stay profitable.

Our third-ever employee, Emily, VP of Research and Analysis, joins unEDITED: Inside Retail this week to dissect Cyber Month, in particular, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020. Tune in to find out where the event originated and where it’s heading in years to come.

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