Despite the challenges retailers have faced, environmental efforts continued to be championed. One brand advocating sustainable fashion and setting the bar high is The North Face.



Consumer concerns about sustainable fashion have only increased during the pandemic. Recently, McKinsey & Co. reported that 60% of people are going out of their way to purchase eco-friendly products and services. Pursuing recycled content, wherever a retailer can, is emerging as an expectation by consumers. The Gen-Z cohort, in particular, really value innovation and transparency when it comes to sustainability.

To discuss this critical topic, we are joined by Kelly Cortina, VP of Global Apparel at The North Face. Kelly has held leadership positions at internationally renowned sporting goods and casual luxury brands throughout her career, including Under Armour and Abercrombie and Fitch. Currently representing a brand known for its plausible sustainability efforts, Kelly shares insights into how The North Face pushes transparency and encourages consumer accountability. Be inspired and learn how you or your business can also make a difference.

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