You need a multi-pronged strategy to build a well-known brand. While there are many parts to it, a retailer can create a recognizable global brand when all these tools are taken advantage of.



Understanding your audience is vital. Although it’s common to have a huge disconnect between a brand’s ideal target customer and their existing customer base. Consider what your business stands for, the direction driving it and the consumers who inspire you.

Aliza Licht, Founder and President at Leave Your Mark LLC, joins the unEDITED podcast this week. Before Twitter was prominent, Aliza built a social personality for DKNY, gaining over 500,000 followers for the brand. As a brand storyteller, Licht helps retailers build their brand equity by crafting compelling multi-faceted narratives that engage and captivate the audience. Licht is also the author of the best-selling career advice book, Leave Your Mark.

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