What are the opportunities that exist in the men’s cosmetics market, including some popular men’s beauty products, and how are Gen-Z attitudes changing towards it?



80s icons such as Boy George and Prince normalized the use of men’s beauty products and opened the doors to what we’re seeing today. Now the  likes of Harry Styles and Jaden Smith are also seen frequently wearing makeup and supporting the use of beauty products. However, education in this area is still lacking in order to obtain wider adoption.

In our latest episode, Ed Healy, Commercial Director at L’Oreal, discusses the shift in attitudes as he sees a new digital and gender-neutral future for beauty. With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, Ed has worked with a range of companies, including luxury brands within L’Oreal UK, startups and iconic beauty giants.

All opinions discussed on the podcast belong to Ed and does not represent those of L’Oreal.

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