The fashion industry is an extremely competitive world to be a part of. But what are the traditional career paths you can take to make it big in the industry? Is there even a traditional career path at all?



Whether you start out in buying or merchandising, traditional roles are shifting and perfecting key skills are deemed as essential in building a career in fashion.

Joining us in the unEDITED studio is Dior Bediako, Founder of Pepper Your Talk, a platform for young fashion creatives aiming to create as many physical experiences offline as she does digitally. She then founded The Junior Network, fashion’s first member’s club for young professionals to receive support in their career ambitions.

With this experience, Dior shares her tips on how you can start making your mark early in the fashion world and rise through the ranks quickly, all while demystifying the so-called ‘traditional’ career path in the industry.


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