A range of incredible guests from world-class companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Google have joined the podcast, to help us uncover the latest thought-provoking topics in retail and tech.



Thank you all for your support of our podcast so far. Featuring topics on sustainability to the luxury Chinese market, we’ve compiled five of our favorite episodes so far.

What is driving today’s menswear trends?

Ft. Randy Cousin, VP of Brand Merchandising at Tommy Hilfiger

Retailers are offering more menswear products than ever before. There is a changing male consumer mindset towards shopping and cultural shifts, resulting in exponential growth of the menswear market. As an expert in menswear, Randy gives insight into the growing category and explains the cultural shifts that have defined menswear into what it is today.

The future of men’s beauty and cosmetics

Ft. Ed Healy, Commercial Director at L’Oreal

The likes of Harry Styles and Jaden Smith are frequently seen wearing makeup and using beauty products. However, education in this area is still lacking to obtain wider adoption. What are the opportunities in the men’s cosmetics market and how are Gen-Z attitudes changing towards it? In this episode, Ed Healy, Commercial Director at L’Oreal, discusses how he sees a new digital and gender-neutral future for beauty.

What you need to know about COVID-19 AKA coronavirus

Ft. rebecca, Research & Analysis Director at EDITED

The pandemic that continues to shake the world has forced businesses to frantically prepare for a hard-hit year. At the very beginning of the coronavirus, fashion weeks were the first major events to be canceled. Then the closure of physical stores followed suit as the virus became a global health emergency. During the height of the outbreak, we were joined by rebecca, Research & Analysis Director here at EDITED, to break down long-lasting strategies on how your business can prevail during this trying time.

The impact of Chinese New Year on the luxury market

Ft. Ashley McDonnell, Account Executive at Google

What strategies are luxury brands using to attract more Chinese consumers? Ashley McDonnell, Account Executive at Google, helped us understand the different ways luxury brands have tapped into the lucrative Chinese market. Tune in to hear Ashley’s insights on how specific brands utilized events like Chinese New Year to connect with the Chinese consumer and successfully promote their products.

Sustainable fashion, who will win the race?

Ft. Brooke Roberts-Islam, Senior Contributor at Forbes

Sustainability was at the forefront of every retailers’ communications in 2019. We finally started to see a positive shift in the retail industry’s approach to a more sustainable planet. Brooke Roberts-Islam aka Techstyler sits with us and explores how brands are tackling the growing concern of sustainability in retail and what technology is out there to help brands and retailers.

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