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Pushing into premium: the pursuit of a higher price

Retailers are struggling to find growth in the competitive fast fashion segment. Instead, could there be new potential in increasing pricing with a premium offering? We investigate.

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  • 13th Apr 2017
Hey Coachella, let’s mix up those festival trends

The ‘festival look’ has remained stagnant for the last twelve years. Coachella, it’s up to you to show us something different.

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Did retail miss out on a hygge opportunity?

Boil the kettle, light a fir-scented candle and relax while we debate whether retail stuffed up its opportunity to cash in on your hygge habit.

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  • 30th Mar 2017
How big a deal is millennial pink really?

Ahh pink, a color so good that an entire generation decided to claim its very own shade. You’ve probably heard about millennial pink. It’s been covered by just about every fashion publication going (including this very comprehensive timeline history of the shade). Whole restaurants have been created around the shade. Pantone dedicated a year to it. Drake dedicated a Hotline Bling to […]

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  • 29th Mar 2017
American retail needs to kick its discounting habit

If alarm bells aren’t ringing, you may want to check the batteries aren’t dead.

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  • 27th Mar 2017
EDITIONS LDN: Decoding the Fashion Algorithm

In the not-so-distant future the way we buy clothes may be just as tailored to our tastes as the clothes themselves. And in that highly personalized version of retail, we’ll have two things to thank: the people who made it happen, and the technology they used to make it happen. At EDITIONS LDN last Thursday […]

The world’s best fashion retailers use EDITED to help them have the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Find out how →