COVID-19 Jul 3, 2020 7 min read

The EDITED COVID-19 Retail Dashboard: Weekly recovery updates in global trends

How the new EDITED interactive charts give retailers global insights into the COVID-19 pandemic with real-time data.


Businesses will need data as an ally to make the best decisions for their trading category during these uncertain times while being as reactive as possible. So we created an interactive dashboard for retailers to see the effects of the virus on the market in real-time and how regions are recovering from the pandemic. 

UPDATE: This report will no longer be updated on a weekly basis. Please visit our resources page for more up-to-date news and insights or continue to view our COVID-19 Retail Dashboard.

Key takeaways

  • The COVID-19 Retail Dashboard is powered by real-time data from the EDITED Retail Decision Platform combined with live statistics of confirmed cases, so retailers can understand the state of each major market. See the influx of deliveries, the impact on pricing and discounting, along with the performance of categories in one quick view so retail businesses can react accordingly to the data and strategize their next steps. 
  • Australia and Italy were the only regions to see a decline in WoW arrivals. Newness in Germany returned to 2019 levels for the first time throughout the pandemic with only a 1% discrepancy YoY.
  • Consumer interest has swung back to loungewear. In four out of the five analyzed regions, sweatpants had one of the highest increases in sell outs. This week, sneaker sell outs outpaced sandals with percentage increases ranging from 59% in the UK to 263% in Australia.
  • Discounting strategies continued to vary. At an average of 38%, the US offers the deepest level of discount, while at 56%, Australia has the highest proportion of products reduced.
  • The UK and Italy are the only regions with a lower proportion of products reduced compared to last year. They also have a lower average discount compared to 2019, hinting retailers are preserving margin after a challenging six months of trade.

Reach out to a Retail Specialist to understand the methodology on how the dashboard was put together. 

US: Weekly newness picks up and interest in sweatpants is renewed

After a drop in newness over the past few weeks, arrivals picked up WoW by 11%, down 7% YoY. Tops equaled 34% of the overall assortment, on par with last year’s deliveries, while the bottoms category saw a surge, making up 16.3% of arrivals compared to 14% YoY.


The proportion of discounts remained high with 52% of products marked down compared to 45% in 2019. The average discounting depth saw little shift WoW, 13% shallower than last year. The only category with a deeper discount applied this year is all-in-ones, while swimwear holds 2019’s average reduction at 39%.

  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.002
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While interest in more formal styles still hasn’t picked up, sweatpants saw a resurgence as an increase in new daily coronavirus cases are confirmed, suggesting loungewear and comfort categories are falling back in favor.

Products with the most sell out activity YoY

% year-on-year increase outlined

  • Swimsuits +167%
  • Bodysuits +163%
  • T-shirts +156%
  • Sweatpants +143%

UK: Sneakers and sweatpants still selling out, even ahead of pubs reopening

Tops, bottoms, footwear and accessories all saw an increase in newness from last year, driving overall arrivals up 11% WoW. Though still down by 13% YoY, the bottoms category holds a greater proportion of the assortment compared to 2019 at 17% vs. 15%.


The average discount depth and proportions continue to sit lower than in 2019 by 5% and 2%, respectively. Outerwear and product sets are the only categories warranting a higher average discount than 2019.

  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.005
  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.006

An alternative to face masks, scarves continue to sell through alongside sneakers, bodysuits and sweatpants, indicating UK customers are still placing comfort and versatility front of mind. With pubs in England to reopen on Saturday, we can expect to see a shift away from loungewear now people have more of a purpose to get dressed up.

Products with the most sell out activity YoY

% year-on-year increase outlined

  • Scarves +137%
  • Sneakers +59%
  • Bodysuits +55%
  • Sweatpants +55%

Italy: Discounting remains conservative and arrivals drop

Despite arrivals dropping -2% WoW and -39% YoY, this week tops equal 33% of the overall assortment, the same as last year, while footwear is 16% compared to 13% in 2019.


This week, the average level of reductions is 34%, lower than 2019 at 36%. Footwear is the only category to be discounted deeper than last year at 38% vs. 33%. Italy also continued to reduce a smaller portion of products compared to last year with 38% of products marked down compared to 41%.

  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.011
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Last week, summer essentials saw the highest sell out percentage increase. This week, consumers responded well to loungewear styles with hoodies and sweatpants seeing high sell out activity. Basic items such as bras and underwear declined alongside more formal products.

Products with the most sell out activity YoY

% year-on-year increase outlined

  • Hoodies +189%
  • Sneakers +144%
  • Sweatpants +140%
  • Polo shirts +110%

Germany: Newness returns to 2019 levels

For the first time throughout the pandemic, new arrivals in Germany return to 2019 levels, seeing only a 1% discrepancy YoY. Top arrivals saw a 16% increase YoY and bottoms grew 6%.


The proportion of products on discount still remains high at 49%. However, discount depths have dropped slightly from last week, taking the average markdown percentage nearly 2% lower than in 2019. Driving discounts up, all-in-ones, dresses and outerwear are all on average reduced above 40%.

  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.017
  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.018

Pajama sets continued to trend down. However, hoodies saw an increase in sell outs this week, proving customers are still interested in comfort categories.

Products with the most sell out activity YoY

% year-on-year increase outlined

  • Bodysuits +233%
  • Hoodies +175%
  • Swimsuits +105%
  • Sneakers +82%

Australia: Arrivals fall as confirmed cases rise

As the state of Victoria reported 289 new cases since Monday, new product arrivals are showing no signs of picking up, down 16% WoW and 20% YoY. All-in-ones and outerwear saw the biggest discrepancy falling 40% and 35% YoY, respectively.


Out of the regions analyzed, Australia is discounting the highest proportion of products, with 56% of the assortment reduced. The average level of discount has remained consistent throughout the pandemic, this week at 37%, in line with the US and UK. Hosiery and dresses are the only categories discounted deeper than in 2019.

  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.020
  • Covid 19 Tracker Blog Images.021

It’s currently winter in this region and selected locations are reentering lockdown, making it the optimal time to sell loungewear products. T-shirts were favored over sweaters and jumpers, presenting an opportunity to promote layering items such as wraps and cardigans.

Products with the most sell-out activity YoY

% year-on-year increase outlined

  • Sneakers +263%
  • Leggings +143%
  • Sweatpants +117%
  • T-shirts +65%


As retailers around the world are adapting their strategies on a weekly basis, remember EDITED is here to support your business during this time of uncertainty and offer recommendations on how to tackle the effects of COVID-19. Overall, retailers should not depend on discounting depth as it does not always result in sell outs. While more regions ease up restrictions and attempt to reopen their economies, look to China as an example of an economy that’s already in a post-pandemic economic recovery.

See our guide on the 5 strategies retailers can apply during coronavirus for more information, as well as our daily updates on how retailers are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.