Future May 27, 2020 2 min read

Tech veteran from DoubleClick and Monetate, Stephen Collins, joins EDITED as a new Board Director to propel company growth

Experienced tech executive joins EDITED as new Board Director to help accelerate company growth.

company growth

With over 20 years of experience on executive boards, Collins’ wealth of knowledge will aid in the EDITED mission to guide retailers into the new era of retail.  

After raising $29M in funding last month, the EDITED team has pulled all resources across each department into supporting retailers in any capacity we can. This included the recent release of our interactive COVID-19 Retail Analysis Dashboard, a publicly available resource for retailers and brands to pull global insights into how the retail industry is reacting to the pandemic in real-time.  

Now as retailers and brands strategize their next steps towards reopening, the EDITED goal remains the same – to expand our market presence globally in order to help retailers thrive in a post-COVID world. By appointing Stephen Collins as a new Board Director, he’ll offer the valuable insights needed to put EDITED on a high growth acceleration track as we continue to put data at the forefront in optimizing decision-making for retailers and brands. Read the full press release here

“The retail landscape has been upended in today’s crisis driven climate, but there is a silver-lining. Consumers have embarked on an unexpected leap forward in experimenting with and adopting ecommerce, digital shopping tools, online delivery services and curbside pickups. Online traffic and engagement has exploded. Thus there are incredible growth opportunities for retailers to leverage essential data from the EDITED platform as a critical tool for success. Relevant and high quality data always leads to better decisions and EDITED is one of the few platforms that can help retailers overcome the hurdles they’re currently facing. I’m greatly looking forward to helping them reach their next stage of growth.” 

Stephen Collins, Board Director

As a company uniquely placed at the intersection of retail and technology, EDITED is built by data scientists and engineers working alongside former buyers and merchandisers from global brands and retailers.