Post-Covid Strategy

The New Era of Retail

Using data is no longer a choice, but a necessity to keep up with consumer trends, new players in the industry and inevitable changes to the retail landscape. As retailers plan to re-emerge in the new 'normal', let retail market intelligence be your guide to survival in a post-covid world.

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Market Data

Strategy and Analysis

With uncertainty on when retail practices will fully return to normal, understanding how retailers globally are responding and communicating with consumers and what they're successfully selling during this time is crucial to maximize profitability. It's more important than ever for businesses to react accordingly to critical data and strategize their next steps.

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5 Key Trends to Invest In

When used right, this type of retail intelligence can help your business optimize current processes and grow. Ahead of retailers reopening in major markets, what are key trends to be aware of? In our latest report, we covered 5 key areas retailers need to invest in to thrive in a post-covid world.

  • Online innovation
  • Reimagined retail spaces
  • A.I. and analytics
  • Market data and intelligence
  • Communication and transparency