Featured Sep 21, 2017 < 1 min read

Quiz: London Fashion Week meets artificial intelligence

You look at all the shows, you read all of the mags and you know every campaign out there. We get it. But how closely did you really watch London Fashion Week? Take our quiz, pitti...

We’re here once again to test your fashion week knowledge against that of our in-house artificial intelligence. This time: London Fashion Week. Were you paying attention?

You’ll find out with these seven questions. Our AI has paired collections, creating smooth transitions between the key looks from each. It’s up to you to work out where they found it.  

Find out more about what exactly these images are and why we’ve made them, here. And if you haven’t already, once you’ve done London, test yourself with New York!

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How does your London Fashion Week knowledge compare to EDITED’s artificial intelligence? Quiz time!