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The Power of Color: Key Hues to Push During COVID-19

To uplift consumer's spirits and set the tone for summer ranges, bold colors paired with messages of hope and optimism are recurring themes in retailer promotions. We break down the palette into key hues - unpacking what's retailing, how color stories are being communicated and a look ahead to Fall 2020.

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Assortment Planning

Neutrals vs. Brights

Many retailers are focusing on basic neutral color palettes for customers who want a versatile and timeless home dressing wardrobe. More prominently, many retailers are looking to bright color tones as a way to create positivity and lift spirits during lockdown.

Neutrals Vs Brights
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Color Analysis

As retailers look for new ways to connect with their customers during these current unprecedented times, many are turning to color stories as a way to create newness with current stock. We outline 7 key hues to revive or add to your assortment.

  • Shades of Blue
  • Coral Crush
  • Sunny Yellows
  • Orange Alert
  • Punchy Pinks
  • Bold Greens
  • Red Hot