How Retailers Can Survive COVID-19

The coronavirus has dramatically changed 2020 for every retailer and brand globally. Download this report to learn about the 5 strategies your business should adopt to manage uncertainty and weather the storm of COVID-19.

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Trends to Get Behind

What Retailers Need to Do

This crisis has been a wake up call for the entire retail industry. To survive, retailers need to begin seriously investing in technology that can shorten lead times, improve sustainable practices and automate the currently manual process of checking the quality and fit of samples. Using A.I. and data to uncover the true needs of local markets will help make the process of tightening operations clearer.

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5 Strategies to Adopt

After much careful planning, your 2020 assortment may not look how you thought it would. The earlier you plan your next move, the better primed you are to weather the storm. We outline the top five problems retail is facing, with strategies to minimize risk.

  • Maintain an Aura of Newness
  • Get Your Future Assortment Right
  • Reconsider Your Discounting Strategy
  • Consumer Engagement is Essential
  • Evolve Your Marketing Strategy