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Must-know beauty trends

A monthly briefing on the latest beauty trends and news across the market.

beauty trends

What’s happened across the beauty industry this month? Get up to speed with the trends shaping this market.

A compilation on the latest trends in the beauty, skincare and color cosmetics market every month, along with news and other points of interest to keep your eyes on.

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1. Wellness products are over performing

Personal care and sleep are two categories that are over performing in the US, according to the head of Klarna. Gen-Z has increased their spend in personal care by 32%, with millennials following at 16%.

Mental health is also at the forefront for Gen-Z with Selena Gomez spearheading the movement through the launch of the ‘Rare Impact Fund’ through her beauty line Rare Beauty. It aims to raise $100 million over the next 10 years for mental health services.

There’s also been a rise of ‘self-care’ kits, many of which have launched throughout COVID-19. This month, Feel Unique teamed up with mindset mentor Megan Rose Lane on a self-care kit that includes a selection of products to ‘nourish your mind, body and soul,’ along with a pack of affirmation cards.

2. Essential products become desirable

Products that were once deemed ‘un-Instagrammable’ and hidden are becoming trendy among Gen-Z for their sleek packaging and ‘cool’ aesthetic.

New shaver brand Estrid can be spotted among influencers’ beauty shelfies, next to other coveted personal care brands such as acne-patch brand Starface.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, other essential products such as soap have increased in popularity, with IRI Liquid Data reporting a 39.1% growth YoY. Other categories seeing yearly growth include hair kits, hand & body lotion and shampoo & conditioner.

3. Increased transparency

Ulta Beauty have launched a ‘Conscious Beauty’ program consisting of five pillars, including: clean ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable packaging and positive impact. While other competitors such as Sephora have a Clean Beauty program, where products qualify for not including certain ingredients, this is the first major retailer to break down products beyond clean ingredients. Customers be able to easily identify these products both in-store and online through visual merchandising and a rotation of highlighted categories.

As clean beauty products continue to rise in popularity, retailers should ensure not to greenwash beauty brands and products as clean without proper ingredient disclosure.

4. TikTok takes over the beauty space

Watch out traditional influencers, TikTok stars are becoming Gen-Z’s go-to for skincare issues and are launching their own lines, where the app’s viral challenges are also taking over Google.

Sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are the faces of Morphe’s new sub-brand, Morphe 2 (which launched July 30th), while Addison Rae has co-founded her own beauty line ‘Item Beauty’, a clean and vegan beauty brand which is expected to launch in August 2020.

Meanwhile Hyram, a TikTok influencer with over 5 million followers, is responsible for selling out CeraVe products in Target and helping younger teenagers solve their acne issues.

In other launch news, Rihanna debuted Fenty Skin and Patrick Starr released his new brand One/Size – both launched on July 30th.

5. Black-owned brands are highlighted

Target has created an online badge for consumers to identify Black-owned or Black-founded brands online. The badge appears in the retailers ‘at a glance’ category, located within each product page’s details section.

GEENIE, a new e-commerce marketplace featuring BIPOC and indie beauty brands, has launched and aims to pair shoppers with brands that align with their values. Other Black-owned ethical e-tailers include BLK+GRN, Beautyocracy and Sanctuaire (launching soon).

Retailers and brands should ensure they continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement. A few examples include committing to the 15% pledge and highlighting Black-owned brands on e-commerce sites.

Viral trends

Boys getting perms

Hair care routines

Keep an eye on

Emerging trends and key opportunities to watch in the months ahead:

Bubble tea

YSL has launched ‘Milk Tea’ lipsticks inspired by bubble tea flavors. Expect to see more luxury brands collaborate with bubble tea brands in the future.

Vitamin D skincare

An increasing buzzword in beauty at the moment, Vitamin D can boost the immune system of the skin and offer protection against the environment.

Pink hair

UK Glamour reported that searches for ‘pink hair dye’ increased by over 600% at Boots during lockdown as consumers continue to experiment with colorful hair dye.

Semi-permanent lips

Consumers are seeking semi-permanent tattoo lipstick to avoid their makeup smudging underneath masks. Retailers should focus on promoting lip stains and long wear makeup.

More beauty news this month

• Sephora is phasing out its current stock of mink eyelashes.

• Instagram account @BeautyconnedbyMoj is calling for Moj Mahdara to step down.

• River Island has signed a seven-year deal with KMI brands to launch cosmetics.

• Clarisonic is shutting down.

• Parfums Givenchy has launched makeup on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

• Victoria Beckham Beauty has launched on Tmall.

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