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Must-know beauty trends

Rounding out August with a briefing on the latest beauty trends and news across the market this month.

beauty trends

What’s happened across the beauty industry this month? Get up to speed with the trends shaping this market.

A compilation on the latest trends in the beauty, skincare and color cosmetics market every month, along with news and other points of interest to keep your eyes on.

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1. Where are Gen-Z shopping?

Gen-Z is taking over the beauty space, increasing their spending in this sector by 23% based on new data from Klarna. So what is Gen-Z interested in?

According to Piper Sandler Taking Stock With Teens semi-annual survey, 39% of Gen-Z’ers said that Ulta is their top shopping destination followed by Sephora at 24%. This is not surprising as Ulta is the only place customers can purchase popular and cult brands such as Morphe, Sugar Rush and Kylie Cosmetics, alongside high-end brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Unlike millennials who are influenced by the likes of Kim Kardashian‘s full glam beat, the younger generation favors a more natural look and aren’t afraid to highlight their flaws – seeing acne patch such as Starface rise in popularity.

Other important factors for Gen-Z include brands standing for social justice and word-of-mouth recommendations, with 54% discovering brands from family/friends and 39% through ads on social media from Global Web Index.

2. Purple haircare & at-home tools

Since COVID-19, Global Web Index also indicated that 58% of women are wearing less makeup and 43% are buying more products online than ever before. But what are they looking to purchase?

Information from Spate has revealed four trends which have emerged:

  • At-home tools
  • Purple haircare
  • Serums
  • Blue-light blocking skincare

For Credo, skincare tools have doubled in their percent of sales – fueled by purchases of a gua sha tool. Dr Dennis Gross’s facial steamed also jumped 45% in March and April before selling out on both its own and Sephora’s website based its internal sales data. According to Spate, searches for purple haircare searches have grown around 40% and searches for blue light skincare have increased by over 46% over the last year.

3. Refillable products

With brands and retailers increasing efforts around sustainability initiatives, refillable beauty products are entering the mainstream market.

Not limited to just body and haircare products, the system is prevalent in makeup and fragrance too. Cult brand Kjaer Weis offers an “intelligent refill system,” maintaining luxury appeal with its sleek packaging so they can compete with existing brands while Selfridges opened a perfume refill station within stores.

However, some customers are wary of purchasing refillable purchases as they feel they’d be tied to one brand and often have to pay an initial premium price for the product. For refills to take off, brands need to focus on convenience, zero-waste packaging and affordability.

Sustainability and clean updates

• Sephora Collection has made its first foray into clean beauty with makeup. All of Sephora Collection’s skin and makeup range is under $20 and the brand wants to keep clean beauty accessible for all. Moving forward, all of Sephora Collection’s skincare will be clean, making 25% of its whole product assortment clean.

• Selfridges launched its first major sustainability initiative, Project Earth. Customers can now refill their favorite perfume bottles in-store, from Gucci to Le Labo. The retailer aims to make its business more sustainable by 2025.

Diversity & inclusivity updates

• Pinterest’s inclusivity search-filtering feature, which launched in the US in 2018, is being rolled out across more countries, including the UK. The search allows users to look for beauty content to filter results by skin tone.

• Pinterest also launched a new Pinterest Shop collection, highlighting Black-owned fashion and beauty businesses with 600+ products.

• Glossier has apologized to former retail employees who criticized the brand for “anti-Blackness, transphobia, ableism and retaliation” and have thanked Instagram account @OuttaTheGloss for holding them accountable.

• Anatasia Beverly Hills put $450k towards its Black-owned business grant initiative. Applications opened on August 8th and closed August 13th.

• Taniesha Bracken-Hucks has started a petition demanding more inclusive hairstyles on Animal Crossing, specifically Afro-textured hairstyles. The petition has over 45,000 signatures so far.

• The creator of Dear White People has released the trailer for his new film, Bad Hair. The American comedy horror follows Anna Bludso, who has a bad salon experience after being ordered to get a weave by her boss. The film explores themes of African heritage, culture suppression and toxic work culture.

• Goals4Girls have launched a new campaign My Hair, My Identity to encourage young girls to celebrate their natural hair and open discussions around “inequality, intersectionality and oppression.”

• Influencer Jackie Aina is producing a documentary about Black beauty influencers creating social change named Social Beauty.

Keep an eye on

Emerging trends and key opportunities to watch in the months ahead:

Oat milk

Vegan’s favorite milk alternative for coffee, colloidal oatmeal is also great for soothing irritated skin and eczema.

Olive oil

High in antioxidants, olive oil is having a moment in skincare. It also contains vitamins A, D, K and E and is credited for smooth skin.

Nail polish for men

Worn by A$AP Rocky and E-Boys, nail polish is being explicitly marketed at men and included within Chanel’s expansion of Boy de Chanel.

Reality shows

Despite ongoing concerns surrounding TikTok‘s lifeline, e.l.f. Cosmetics is seeking brand ambassadors for its first reality show on the app.

More beauty news this month

• Fresh Beauty founders have launched a boutique hotel called The Maker in New York.

• Edgware Personal Care Co. has acquired grooming brand Cremo.

• Gwyneth Paltrow has invested in clean makeup brand Saie.

• Revlon sales dropped by 43% in Q2. The brand recently announced Megan Thee Stallion as its latest ambassador.

• Glossier will lay off 200 of its retail employees.

• Forma Brands, Morphe’s parent company, has acquired hair-care line Playa.

• Australian beauty retailer Mecca is launching a flagship on Tmall Global.

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