The Sustainability EDIT

Stay informed with EDITED’s Sustainability EDIT, your go-to source for the latest insights, trends and strategies for a more sustainable future. From the rise of thriftcore and the state of sustainable textiles, to a deep dive on denim and the fall 2023 runway, our report covers all the important topics shaping the industry. Plus, get an exclusive preview of the Conscious Calendar 2024. Download your copy today!

The Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability in 2023 and beyond

This year has been marked as a year for action, with the planet on track for 2.5°C of warming this century, in contrast to the Paris Agreement. Retailers are no longer settling for wishful goals and are instead setting science-based targets. But there’s still a long way to go.

While the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action has made promising strides, many sustainability ventures lack integrity and production rates remain alarmingly high, thanks to the acceleration of trend cycles. Consumers and brands are weighing up price versus planet, and in this time of uncertainty, EDITED serves as a guiding force.

Discover the latest topics and insights in this report including:

  • Resale & The Rise Of Thrift-core
  • The Current State Of Sustainable Textiles
  • The Sustainable Denim Deep Dive
  • Sustainability On The Fall 2023 Runway
  • The Conscious Calendar 2024
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