We’re proud that EDITED’s staff is 67% women and are excited to share how we’ve been working behind the scenes to support an empathetic, diverse and inclusive workplace.


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This review uses EDITED data to analyze market KPIs, category opportunities, retailers’ strategies, and investigates the daily challenges of the retail marketplace.

  • EDITED Women strives to Support, Promote and Hire women in tech at EDITED and encourage these practices to be shared with the wider tech community.
  • We foster a fair and safe environment at EDITED for women in tech and provide a forum for women to discuss related issues.
  • We will work towards progression and fair promotion of women at EDITED and move away from gender-biased words to help to educate around language, culture and stereotypes.
  • We will work towards increasing women’s representation at EDITED by attending events, collaborating on the interview processes and encouraging the next generation of women to pursue careers in tech.
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