Strategy & Analysis

Manage your Product Life Cycle.

Track your product lifecycle and never get left behind again. Know when to get rid of old stock and build the perfect assortment for the new season.

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  • Increase Profits

    Increase Profits

  • Strengthen Entry Price

    Strengthen Entry Price

  • Suceed In New Markets

    Succeed in New Markets

  • Plan Otb Budgets

    Plan OTB Budgets

  • View Price Architecture

    View Price Architecture

  • Product Launches

    Capture newness. Constantly.

    With more than eight years of history on every product, launch date, discount and more, you’ll understand exactly how products are phased into market. From there, you’ll be able to time your own seasonal rollouts with precision and maintain newness perfectly.


    "With EDITED we can analyze who launched what kind of trends and events last year to ensure we're dropping our stock at the right time."

    Leanne Holmes
    Head of Merchandising
    Price Tracking

    Maximize every margin.

    View complete price architectures and chart by first, full or current price. Never worry about leaving money on the table or discounting too deeply again.

    • Global Comp Shopping
    • Worldwide Product Searches
    • 8+ Years of Competitor Data
    360 Visibility

    Win new markets.

    Using real-time analytics, optimize your pricing strategy, spot key opportunities in new markets to reduce markdown and ensure you can expand smoothly.

    Boost Sell-Thru

    Sell more, discount less.

    Never discount too deeply again and spot all promotional and pricing opportunities. Compare pricing architectures by assortment or category to optimize pricing and base MSRP on real demand, not cost.

    • Excel Exports

      Prefer to work with the raw numbers? We understand. We make it easy to export our data into any new or existing Excel spreadsheet.

    • Unlimited Support

      We only succeed when you do. You’ll get unlimited access to our in-house Customer Success team for questions, advice and trainings.

    • No IT Integration

      EDITED is entirely web-based and runs directly out of your web browser. You won’t have to install, integrate or update anything, ever.


    Trade faster. With more confidence.

    Our in-house fashion and retail analysts use EDITED to track every category and trend in the market and deliver reports to support all your decisions.

    • 90,000 Retailers Tracked

      EDITED gives you access to full product and assortment information at any brand or retailer worldwide, in real-time. Select the brands or retailers you want and narrow it down by category, gender, region, color and so on.

    • 2.5 Billion+ SKUs

      EDITED live tracks every commercial trend and product worldwide, giving you the performance insight you need to buy in with confidence, at the right time.

    • 8 Years of Data

      With accurate historical global data, you’ll be ready to expand into new markets confidently and reliably monitor brand compliance. You’ll spot profitable opportunities that put you ahead, and keep you there.