Market and enterprise intelligence for retail

When you need to make informed retail decisions, EDITED has you covered. Our Retail Intelligence Platform allows you to analyze the competition, optimize your business, and automate business system improvements.

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    Does your pricing and assortment leave money on the table?

    Many retailers struggle to optimize  price and assortment because they don’t have the right data. EDITED Market Intelligence helps you truly understand market demands and competitor analysis at scale.


    Get ahead of your competitors with real-time market intelligence
    • Visualize competitor product, assortment, and pricing analysis
    • Understand every trend through data-backed reports written by our expert analysts
    • Monitor and analyze language and images from competitor email campaigns and websites
    • Understand your positioning relative to competitors
    • Easily see and filter similar products to benchmark pricing against competitors

    Are you fully utilizing your business’s data to maximize profit?

    Too often retailers can’t utilize the full potential of their data. EDITED Enterprise Intelligence connects all your data together, seeing every insight and recommending ways to optimize your retail business.


    Know exactly which decisions are most profitable and critical for success
    • See which products need more exposure, discounting, or replenishment
    • Diagnose which products drive customer conversion and loyalty
    • Know which actions impacted profits and why
    • Identify product sorting and filtering improvements
    • Predict how product changes impact conversion and margin

    Does it take too long to implement business improvements?

    Most retailers take weeks to implement changes. Manual processes are slow and error-prone. With EDITED Automation, you can optimize your business using hundreds of market and enterprise data signals.


    Take action faster with AI-powered automations that never sleep
    • Automate fine-tuned price changes to align with demand, stock, and competitor promotions
    • Improve and personalize product sorting, search results, and recommendations at scale
    • Limit stockout and overstock with automated replenishment
    • Build campaigns to target and track bespoke customer segments through email and ads

    World-class support from retail experts

    We’re serious about getting you value from day one. Our in-house team of retail experts are on hand to help you get the answers you need and ensure you're set up for success.

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