Drive quicker, better insights and actions

Answer business questions and perform wider analysis easily

DynamicAction delivers granular and speedy out-of-the box reporting, connecting all of your data sources to unveil hidden action candidates and opportunities. Deliver higher revenue and profit with embedded retail guidance, industry metrics, insights, decision frameworks, and AI recommended actions.


Capture your favorite metrics and opportunities

Act on recommendations with comprehensive insights

Easy to use dashboards and reports connect demand, customer cohorts and inventory in a powerful way. Quickly make decisions and actions based on your real data, like web analytics and internal metrics, all in one place. Understand what has moved your business and why.

Category level insights

700 out-of-the-box connected metrics, visuals that expose the drivers behind changes in the business.

Dimensional analysis

Identify product categories that drove new customer orders or top products sold for a recent promotion.

Off-the-shelf reporting

Weekly reporting highlighting AOV and UPT and which categories sell well together with Basket Analysis.

Product opportunities

View product opportunities based on category, peer performance and products that drive conversions.


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