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  • Press icon Apr 26, 2022

    EDITED Names Doug Kofoid CEO as the Company Continues Its Rapid Growth

    New CEO Kofoid brings experience with scaling B2B SaaS companies and proven leadership skills. Recent investment in EDITED will fuel further acceleration of EDITED’s growth with resources focused on expanding its retailtech AI-driven solutions. 

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  • Press icon Nov 2, 2021

    EDITED Announces Juliana Prather as First Chief Marketing Officer to Accelerate Growth

    Prather brings three decades of retail experience to lead EDITED’s marketing strategy as the company furthers its product offering and expertise into new markets and retail vertical

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  • Press icon Oct 20, 2021

    Over 50% of In-Stock Products Today Are Made With Recyclable Materials, According to EDITED’s Latest Sustainability Report

    EDITED releases The Sustainability EDIT 2021 featuring the status of eco categories and environmentally-friendly recommendations for retailers ahead of the holiday season.

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  • Press icon May 19, 2021

    EDITED Launches Homeware Solution to Give Retailers a 360 View of The Market and Their Competitors

    The new EDITED Home™ suite provides homeware retailers with the competitive data needed to dynamically set the right assortment, pricing and promotions in a competitive ecommerce marketplace.

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  • Press icon Apr 28, 2021

    EDITED Acquires DynamicAction, Fueling the Future of E-Commerce and Retail Automation

    With the accelerated shift towards e-commerce, the two leaders in AI-led retail automation join forces to centralize business and market data into one place.

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  • Press icon Dec 16, 2020

    Former Users, Benetton Group, Returns to EDITED as an Essential Platform For Its New Strategic Direction

    With a new brand plan, Benetton Group knew the reinvestment back into the EDITED Retail Market Intelligence Platform was vital to its long-term success.

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  • Press icon Oct 14, 2020

    EDITED Pricing Data Helps Chloé Confidently Grow Its E-Commerce Channel

    By using the EDITED Market Intelligence Platform, Chloé is able to maintain price consistency on its products and minimize unnecessary discounting practices across its wholesale partners.

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  • Press icon Aug 11, 2020

    The EDITED Mobile App Puts World Class Retail Insights Into the Palm of Your Hand

    As the retail industry transitions to remote friendly processes, mobile access to analysis and reports is essential to enabling professionals to respond with agility to the changing market.

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  • Press icon May 27, 2020

    EDITED Retail Data Company Names Stephen Collins, Former CFO of DoubleClick and Former CEO of Monetate, as New Board Member

    Industry leading retail data platform appoints experienced tech executive to accelerate company growth.

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  • Press icon May 12, 2020

    EDITED Launches New Teams Feature to Maximize Cross Functional Collaboration and Escalate Learnings Faster Amidst COVID-19 Impacts

    As retailers struggle to stay competitive, the new EDITED Teams feature is a scalable way to streamline collaboration processes and share knowledge across a company.

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  • Press icon Apr 15, 2020

    EDITED Raises $29M in Growth Capital to Help Retailers Drive Sales with Data

    Industry leading retail data and analytics company receives significant investment to help the world’s largest brands and retailers maximize profitability.

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  • Press icon Aug 13, 2019

    EDITED Launches Beauty Vertical to Help Retailer’s Disrupt the $532bn Beauty Industry

    EDITED’s new beauty feature debuts today to help retailers analyze and compete within the fierce beauty market. 

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  • Press icon Jul 24, 2019

    EDITED’s Data Reveals How Retailers are Tackling Prime Day

    Amazon’s Prime Day has caused a halo effect across the retail industry influencing discount strategies worldwide as it extends to its first two-day event sales. 

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  • Press icon Sep 5, 2018

    EDITED’s Retail AI Knows Style Better than Fashion Pros

    As the leader in retail data analytics, EDITED confirms its machine learning classifier for retail outperforms humans at every category it tested against. 

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  • Press icon Nov 27, 2017

    EDITED Finds More Than Double the Number of Products Sell Out This Holiday Season

    Apparel retail product sellouts at a 102% year-on-year increase, with accessories, sneakers and outerwear experiencing the heaviest price reductions

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