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EDITED redresses gender balance in tech with 64% women, doubles headcount in 12 months.

EDITED, a retail data company, redresses gender balance in tech with 64% women, doubles headcount in 12 months.
June 16 2016, NEW YORK — EDITED didn’t just skip right over the valley to build a category-leading tech startup, it took some other contrarian moves as well. The now industry-standard retail data and analytics provider to fashion brands and retailers has offices in New York, London and Melbourne. EDITED, which analyzes over 330 million in-stock SKUs of more than 90,000 brands and retailers has customers across six continents in countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Russia and South Africa. Buyers and merchandisers at the biggest US and international brands such as Gap, Ralph Lauren, Sears and Yoox-Net-A-Porter are using EDITED in their day-to-day trading. In 2016, tech startups who have great products and generate actual revenue are the new hot thing, after years of over-exuberant growth in the tech sector, and it’s interesting that a company with a more even gender ratio than most has emerged as an exemplary business as the tide has turned. Today its workforce breaks 64% female, more than double the combined average of 30% reported by 11 of the world’s biggest tech companies. Women in leadership roles also surpasses global averages, with 80% of management positions at the company held by women - compared to the 22% in senior leadership roles in G7 countries. EDITED is committed to tackling the underrepresentation of women in tech. “When we started EDITED, I loved the idea of building a tech company in a city with so much untapped opportunity, but as we contributed to this new economy it was, and continues to be, important to all of us to make sure women have an equal place at the table. Diversity promotes innovation,” says co-founder Julia Fowler. Establishing a presence in the home of the world’s biggest fashion brands has been invaluable in helping the company do exactly what VC-backed tech companies are supposed to do: expand fast. In the case of EDITED, funded by Index Ventures, that’s meant evolving from startup to industry standard in less than seven years. The numbers reflect that evolution. Between April 2015-2016, EDITED doubled its workforce to 60 and opened an office in New York City one year ago. And it isn’t slowing down. The company is on track to grow its workforce by another 100% by the end of 2016. About EDITED EDITED helps the world’s best retailers drive sales by eliminating guesswork. The Retail Decision Platform uses A.I. to optimize buying and merchandising decisions, ensuring retailers get their product and prices right every time. This is how the world’s most innovative retailers stay ahead of the competition; including PUMA, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Ann Taylor and the Arcadia Group. For more information, visit Press contact: Laura Kubica Grigerova, [email protected]