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The EDITED Retail Dashboard FAQ

This FAQ guides users in the methodology used to create the EDITED Retail Dashboard with interpretations of the metrics used across the interactive charts.

What is the EDITED Retail Dashboard?

The EDITED Retail Dashboard tracks key metrics which highlight the retail industry's response to the variation in demand caused by current supply chain disruptions.

What is the data powering the EDITED Retail Dashboard?

EDITED is the global leader in Retail Intelligence. We help the world's best retailers and brands increase margins, generate more sales and drive better outcomes through AI-driven Market and Enterprise Intelligence. EDITED combines 150+ enterprise and cloud system data connectors with market data on 4 billion+ SKUs, fueling your path to Automation.

This dashboard summarizes a few key metrics relating to products from a sample of the world's leading retailers across selected regions. The EDITED Application Programming Interface (API) was used to retrieve and compute these metrics.

What day ranges define the week view?

The week data range pulled is defined by a calendar view, looking between Monday to Sunday.

What are New Arrivals?

New arrivals are products that are recently made available to consumers to purchase from a retailer's e-commerce platform. Thus allowing EDITED to track these data points.

In the dashboard, we count the number of products entering the market on a daily and/or weekly basis depending on the desired analysis.

What is Product Discount?

For a single style, Product Discount refers to the percentage of its highest price that has been marked down. For an assortment of styles, it refers to the average markdown from the highest price for each style.

What is % Assortment On Discount?

For an assortment of styles, % Assortment On Discount refers to the number of products that have had a markdown as a ratio of the number of styles in the assortment.

What is Average Price?

For an assortment of styles, Average Price refers to the category's current average price. 'Current' shows the average value that the products within the category are listed at now. This automatically updates in the dashboard every Sunday.

What is the EDITED Application Programming Interface (API)?

The EDITED API allows you to easily access the EDITED dataset in order to combine it with other services or datasets such as sales or inventory data, and run customized analytic tasks using your own or third party software. For this dashboard, we have used the EDITED API to retrieve data from specifically chosen retailers to find high-level metrics on selected markets.