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Becoming a Certified EDITED user assures the Retail industry you’re ready to tackle its most challenging problems using the world’s most powerful platform.

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Take your career to the next level by using data to increase sellouts, reduce discounts, and spot big market gaps to move on.

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Hit your targets with faster and more efficient trading strategies that get you noticed by current and potential employers.

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Be the person others trust to know what is happening in the market. Make smart, data-supported decisions that have real impact.

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Prove your industry credentials by certifying your skills in retail monitoring.

  • Explore the fundamentals of retail data analysis
  • Develop an understanding of pricing and assortment strategies
  • Learn how to use data to build competitive awareness


Build on your experience to monitor the market and competitor performance.

  • Analyze competitor strategy to stay informed about product, price, and timing
  • Interpret product performance data into retail insights
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of decision making


Explore advanced analytical tools to spot key indicators of emerging trends and market flux.

  • Advance your market perception using focused searches
  • Synthesize data led decision making into business strategy
  • Lead organizational change with market intelligence and improve trade