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How Mango uses EDITED to support global expansion by fine-tuning localized pricing and assortments

MANGO—a Spanish retail powerhouse goes global and local


MANGO began by opening their first store in Barcelona in 1984, and expanded quickly throughout Spain, refining their product offerings and store concept. International expansion followed as MANGO entered Portugal in 1992, and from then on, growth was swift as MANGO took their Mediterranean-inspired flair to over 50 countries. MANGO’s growth has been supported by their focus on using data to determine the right products for each market as well as a guide to their pricing policies.


MANGO partnered with EDITED in 2017 to keep track of all of the different brands and retailers in their markets around the globe.


Our customers want to be able to buy high quality clothing at affordable prices, and to find a better-quality product than the other brands at a competitive price.” Marta Setien, Director of Pricing at MANGO


EDITED global data from the EDITED Retail Market Intelligence Platform gives retailers such as MANGO insight into new regions of the world, complementing the data their merchandisers use every day. With EDITED, MANGO can see what their overseas competitors are stocking and how products are being priced and discounted. They can also pinpoint what trends are selling where, shedding light on local customer buying patterns.


EDITED helps MANGO fine tune both their product and their pricing worldwide


The right product …


EDITED’s Market Analytics assortment and options tools support MANGO in understanding what products will work best in a specific region. EDITED helps MANGO identify white space in both local players’ assortments and in other global retailers to uncover expansion opportunities.


“MANGO must have a global and local vision of the company’s positioning in each market to execute on our strategy. We have different competitors around the globe and MANGO must adapt products and prices to the customer’s needs in each country.” – Marta Setien, Director of Pricing at MANGO



…at the right price


EDITED’s Market Analytics price architecture and options tools support MANGO in understanding pricing architecture in the region or product category they’re entering. 


“EDITED data allows us to see where we are out of position on price in respect to our competitors. EDITED helps us to detect in which categories and in what countries the quality to price ratio is not aligned with our customers’ needs. We adapt collections and prices to each country in order to satisfy the end-customer expectations as much as possible.” Marta Sola, Pricing Markdown Analytics at MANGO


 EDITED data helps MANGO localize pricing across multiple regions and countries, ensuring pricing is right for that specific market.


“EDITED data lets us react quickly to any movements the competition is making in a particular country. For example, if a country’s exchange rate has devalued significantly, and the competitor has adjusted pricing, we can adapt to maintain market position. But, if the competitor has done nothing, we can anticipate them and improve our market positioning.”– Sergio Domenech, Pricing Markup Analytics at MANGO


Using EDITED data, MANGO can get a view of the market landscape unique to each country they operate in, so MANGO can quickly adjust the product mix and country-specific pricing to meet local market conditions.


EDITED Market Intelligence tools accelerate MANGO in the global marketplace


“Before EDITED, we needed at least two to three hours to perform manual scraping of each competitor’s website to gather pricing and discounting activity. That could take a long time, depending upon the number of competitors. We would aggregate all of that data, and then spend about an hour analyzing the data. Using EDITED Market Intelligence tools, we have saved multiple hours per country.” – Sergio Domenech, Pricing Markup Analytics at MANGO


Using EDITED’s Market Analytics tools, MANGO makes data-driven decisions to understand competitive challenges, and swiftly react to a fast-paced market.



EDITED supports MANGO in understanding markdowns and promotions


MANGO uses EDITED’s Market Intelligence Visual Merchandising tool to get visibility on discounting activity across the markets where MANGO operates.


“EDITED is a very useful tool that helps us in monitoring what our competitors are doing in terms of markdown strategy. In terms of pricing we use it retroactively to see in detail what communications our competitors have used in specific promotions.” – Sergio Domenech, Pricing Markup Analytics at MANGO


“It has been especially useful during the pandemic, when the online channel boomed, and we needed to see what the competitors were doing to stay aligned with the market.” – Marta Sola, Pricing Markdown Analytics


EDITED helps MANGO stay agile 


The Covid-19 pandemic closed many MANGO stores due to countrywide lockdowns, as customers pivoted to digital commerce. Supply chain and inventory issues compounded the challenges the retailer faced.


“The COVID pandemic tested to the maximum how important it is for a retailer to react quickly to changes in market demand. More customers choose to buy online and have quick access to products. Our customers are savvier than ever when it comes to pricing expectations, and we want to have the best prices for our customers. We needed a tool to help us detect the price gaps between customer expectations and our supply.” Marta Setien, Director of Pricing at MANGO


Using EDITED Market Intelligence tools, MANGO was able to move swiftly to heighten customer interest with new product lines to keep customers loyal. Purchasing teams at MANGO launched new collections (Comfy) and changed existing collection structures to meet customer needs. 


“EDITED helps us make business decisions based on real-time information and gives us the ability to react more quickly. In 2020, with our stores in lockdown, we could move fast to meet customer demand. This speed and responsiveness has been key to gain 900,000 new online customers. We now have about 6 million active ecommerce customers, and our online gross revenue grew almost 50% in 2020.” — Marta Setien, Director of Pricing at MANGO


EDITED Market Intelligence tools help retailers react quickly to address new challenges in the marketplace, and pivot to meet the needs of their customers.

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