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What Mattered in 2016: The Hottest Insights

The hottest insights of 2016. Here we share our most-read, most-shared and most talked about retail articles of the year.
What Mattered in 2016: The Hottest Insights | EDITED

The year is almost a done deal – and for many, not a minute too soon. Before we shut the door on 2016 and charge towards 2017, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the big industry moments on the past 12 months.  

This year we researched and reported our way through retail strategy, tracked trends and data-crunched the runways. Below are the nine articles that you read, shared and talked about most.

We’ll be back in January to give you a data-aided perspective on all things retail. Until then, here’s the hits.  

1. The Australian Retailer With Global Ambition

Cotton On might not yet be a household name outside of Australia, but they intend to be soon. The family-friendly apparel retailer has opened 100 stores Stateside in the last three years and looks to add another 100 in the coming three years. Earlier this year we took a look at their strategy and found their assortment mix, pricing and sell-through to be quite unique. If you’re not yet familiar with the retailer’s tactics, catch up fast!

Read it here: 4 Things You Should Know About Cotton On

2. Denim Is Alive & Kicking

Leggings lead the activewear game – and probably are your go-to when hungover – but in May we revealed some compelling data that shows jeans have not died at the hands of athleisure. We applauded Topshop’s innovative trends for reinvigorating the category.  

Read it here: Denim Is Not Dead, Not Even Close

3. The Fall Hitlist

Now deep into the season, look back at the trends we cited would be leading right now. What’s that about velvet in first position? We warned you – let’s hope you listened!  

Read it here: The 11 Trend Hitlist for Fall

4. The Black Friday Post-Mortem

Not even a month old yet, and this was our fourth most-read article of the year. That bears testament to how pivotal Black Friday and Cyber Monday are to the retail calendar. Our research pinpointed the successful discounts and compared the U.S. and U.K. industries’ approaches to the discounting season.  

Read it here: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016: What Happened?

5. Menswear’s Room To Grow

At the start of the year we looked at how menswear has grown, revealing that H&M increased their Fall menswear offering by 260% in 2015. In this article we share a heap of insights, including data around why the male customer will pay more for the product they want than women.  

Read it here: Menswear Market Opportunities

6. Times A-Changing At Urban Outfitters

It wasn’t any easier this year to be a teen retailer. Urban Outfitters was the latest having some internal rethinks, not least their dramatic downsizing of the offering – by 45% in Q1 of 2016. In this article we highlighted some opportunities where UO could claw back market share. Alas, the penny hasn’t yet dropped: shares at the embattled retailer fell in November after disappointing Q3 results. We’re hoping they have a sunnier 2017.  

Read it here: Can Urban Outfitters Get Back On Track?

7. The Spring 2017 Trends

Lookout folks: we told you back in October and we’re telling you again now, statement sleeves, lace-up sandals and miniature handbags will all be hits in Spring. Get across the full hit list before it happens.  

Read it here: The Definitive Spring Trends

8. Bridal Went Mass Market

2016 was the year that H&M and ASOS launched their own affordable bridal offerings. Not only did we discuss our bridal market research at our summer EDITIONS events in New York and London, we also took a look at mass market bridal strategies in this popular article.  

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9. Street Style Still Matters

The immediacy of street style imagery today has not diminished its influence. In this article we looked at the big street trends at Milan Fashion Week and showed retailers that incorporating aspects doesn’t necessarily mean placing orders on new product lines.  

Read it here: Milan Street Style Trends To Act On Immediately

Finally, high fives to some of the publications who featured our research this year: WWD, Bloomberg, Fortune, Quartz, Business Insider, Business of Fashion, Drapers, The Times, The Telegraph, Washington Post, Sourcing Journal, Glossy, Fashionista, Who What Wear and Fashion United. You guys rock.