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The VSCO girl starter pack: how brands can target the latest Gen-Z consumer

First, there was “Basic Bitch.” now there’s VSCO girl. The trend sweeping the internet has got everyone intrigued. Here's how you can capitalize on this trend. 
The VSCO girl starter pack: how brands can target the latest Gen-Z consumer | EDITED

Retailers, you may have heard her name bandied about the internet. She evolved from the ‘Basic Bitch.’ She’s meme-able and environmentally aware with disposable income to spend on mid-market brands. Enter Gen-Z’s latest champion: the VSCO girl.

With new trends emerging at lightspeed, the teen market can be a tough area to crack. EDITED’s retail data platform can help businesses take the guesswork out of planning, pricing, and phasing assortments within this sector. Buckle up as we give you the guide to win over the VSCO girl or get in touch here to see EDITED in action for your category.

So what is a VSCO Girl?

The most up to date embodiment of ‘Basic Bitch.’

The term that was coined back in 2009, the teen girl once stereotypically clutching a pumpkin spiced latte in Ugg boots is now seen with a refillable water bottle in hand and slip-on Vans.

Or the 2019 ‘Valley Girl’

Generally speaking, they are from affluent backgrounds – brands are important and they have the allowance to buy into them.

The name VSCO comes from an app

This demographic are masters of creating content and they perfect their Instagram by using a specific filter on an app called VSCO – this is where the name comes from. It’s a more stripped back version of Instagram – there’s no advertising and no comments feature – two reasons why it’s opted for. The app encourages users to use the platform for creative content and self-expression.

They’re Gen-Z

This tribe are high school age, although a lot of the 90s inspired products they wear are applicable to the wider market.

The VSCO girl starter pack: how brands can target the latest Gen-Z consumer | EDITED

They care about the environment

Turtles and the ocean in particular, perhaps because of their California roots. Beaches and settings in nature often play backdrop to selfies that they might post.

Make-up is minimal

Complementing the interest in nature, they opt for lip balms or glosses over lipsticks and no contouring is in sight. They shop at Glossier over Kylie Cosmetics.

90s nostalgia is important

Take the most sugar-coated parts – stickers, friendship bracelets, scrunchies and lip gloss. They’re in no rush to grow up, slumber parties and trampolines are other important activities of interest.

They’re owning this label

Creating content that plays up to it and pokes fun at the stereotype – to the point that it’s difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s not…

Part of the VSCO lifestyle involves owning a specific set of branded products. Download our free report to discover the key brands and trends winning over this cohort.