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The Top 5 EDITD stories of 2014

From analysis of J.Crew's strategic errors, to the biggest SS15 trends from New York Fashion Week - we reveal the most popular EDITD articles of 2014.
The Top 5 EDITD stories of 2014 | EDITED
  • End of year EDITD

Let’s look back over our research for 2014. We’ve analyzed fashion weeks, dissected strategies at the world’s leading brands and retailers, put new product trends on the industry’s radar and charted opportunities in growing segments, like menswear,lingerie and activewear. We’ve had exciting product updates and published 14 free-to-download reports, in which we’ve walked you through the most important retail events in 2014.

Here is a selection of our top five analysis of 2014:

1. Zara vs. H&M: Who’s in the global lead?
Zara and H&M are clearly the two retailers the industry is most intrigued about. And our analysis in which we uncovered retail data behind the two retail giants was this year’s most-read article. In the piece, we compared strategies around assortment, pricing, discounting and communication and discovered the differences which will prevent either retailer from falling behind. Read the article.

2. New York Top 10 SS15 Trends
The huge number of readers of our New York SS15 review should clear any doubt as to which fashion capital’s trends are the most influential. September’s summary, hinged upon fashion week data, cited Michael Kors as number one designers and tips the 70s theme for success next season. Catch up here.

3. What does the normcore meme mean for retail?
What started as a meme swiftly grabbed the media’s attention and suddenly the industry was questioning whether normcore would mean the death of trend. In our study, we made a point that normcore was a commercial wave many retailers rode well. Find out more.

4. Is J.Crew’s problem product or price?
When they posted Q1 losses of $30 million, we couldn’t help but dig into J.Crew’s data to understand where things were going wrong. We spotted troubles in their womenswear and pinpointed holes in their strategy. It was a popular piece, read it too .

5. Menswear Battle: Topman vs. River Island
And of course, we didn’t neglect the boys, discussing the menswear market and its trends throughout the year. The most popular menswear post was a competitive analysis of Topman and River Island, digging into their product offerings, pricing and retail calendar. Find out who came top, right here.

Finally, a huge thank you to our customers and our readers for being with us through 2014. We wish you a happy holiday and see you in the new year, when we’ll be leaving no stone uncovered in the retail world! Sign up to our Insider Briefing and you’ll never miss an article.