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The Definitive Guide to Childrenswear 2016

To celebrate the launch of our new childrenswear tools, we've made an all-singing, all-dancing infographic. Come find out the biggest trends for the mini people right now.
The Definitive Guide to Childrenswear 2016 | EDITED

Childrenswear: little people, huge business. Especially during the critical Back to School season, now in full swing. So what better time for an illuminating childrenswear infographic? (Disclaimer: it doesn’t light up.)

To celebrate BTS — retailers’ second largest seasonal event after the holidays — we’ve dug deep into our wealth of childrenswear data. But really, we didn’t need an excuse, this stuff is just interesting in its own right!

Take the Mini Me trend for example. Parents matching their outfits with their offspring: think Beyoncé and Blue Ivy paired in Gucci in Paris. It’s a trend that’s crossed over commercially, as seen in the uptake of adult trends in the childrenswear market.

Evidence of that can be seen in the US and UK, where kids’ activewear was up 27% in Q2 this year versus last, compared to a 20% in adult activewear.

Amid the influx of new trends in childrenswear, there’s been another adjustment: price. The below data shows how the average price point has fallen, confirming what we know – this is a competitive market that’s only getting hotter. Time to get clued up, so we’ll leave you to feast your eyes on this!


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