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[Report] Fashion Retail in 2014: Top Brands & Retailers

EDITD release data-rich report which revealing commercial hits of 2014. John Lewis and Nike triumph with their high number of full-price sell outs. Also includes Target, Ted Baker, Nordstrom.
[Report] Fashion Retail in 2014: Top Brands & Retailers | EDITED

The past twelve months have had their retailing highs and lows – unseasonable weather effecting sales, growing consumer confidence, and some of the most competitive promotional tactics.

Our latest free downloadable report: Fashion Retail in 2014 rounds up the year’s commercial data, to spell out the hits and misses of the year. In the data-rich three page report, you’ll discover the US and UK top trends, color palettes, worst selling garments and most vocal retailers.

Top Retailer of 2014

We also share who has made it through the year in a blaze of glory, revealing the top five brands and retailers.

Based on the highest number of full-priced sell outs, John Lewis have triumphed as 2014’s number one.

Their excellent buying, planning and communication demonstrates thorough understanding of their family customer profile. Current levels of discounting are low for the start of December – 18.8% of their range is discounted by an average of 4% – it’s a healthy sign of a retailer well in control of their actions. Their current most-stocked brands after John Lewis own line are Mac, Mango, Ted Baker, Nike and Bobbi Brown – two of those also happen to be top five brands of the year, no coincidence on John Lewis’s part. With another heart-warming Christmas campaign John Lewis are the ones to beat, on a global platform.

Top Brand of 2014

Bearing testament to the active macro trend sweeping through fashion and lifestyle, Nike are the year’s most successful brand, based on number of full-priced sell outs on products which arrived online this year. Their most successful category was footwear, with over 50% of sell outs falling in this category. 28.9% of Nike products are currently discounted, on average by 8%.

[Report] Fashion Retail in 2014: Top Brands & Retailers | EDITED

Download your copy of our Fashion Retail in 2014 report here, to discover which products worked and which didn’t, as well as the colors shifting retail on a global scale.