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Our passion for data and fashion

We're passionate about data - and when we look at what it shows, we honestly get chills. We'll use this blog to share some analysis and insight with you. We hope you enjoy it!
Our passion for data and fashion | EDITED
  • Our passion for data and fashion | EDITED

Five years ago we watched a seismic change take place in the fashion business, when bloggers were first given front-row seats at runway shows.

That was a bellwether, and since then even more ways for people to express themselves have emerged (like Facebook, Twitter & forums). At the same time, retailers were shifting focus toward online storefronts.  By then it was obvious that online was becoming a nexus, and represents the industry’s future.

At the same time, we were were utterly frustrated with carbon-copy fashion information – and so were our colleagues and friends. How many industries place all their bets on gut feeling and intuition like they do in our industry? We saw a huge need for hard data and verifiable information.

That was our cue to start EDITD. We’ve spent two years developing serious technology to quantitatively analyse and track the fashion market, popularity of trends, and consumer opinion within worldwide markets. We’ve used technology that’s normally dedicated to financial trading and “big data”, and applied it to the fashion world to improve on all that guesswork.

We’re passionate about data – and seeing how that potential has been realised is spine tingling.

We’ll use this blog to share analysis and insight from our product and our incredible team with you. We hope you enjoy it!

Julia + Geoff
Founders of EDITD