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Menswear trend alert: The year of yellow

Prominently seen across the Fall 2021 runway season, find out how to best utilize yellow across your assortment with these 4 consumer profiles in mind.

Shades of yellow had an impressive showing on the Fall 2021 runway following Pantone’s Color Of The Year selection.

Proving everyone can participate in the color, we break down four consumer types and how to approach current and future trends next season. 

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The timeless classic

What’s influencing this consumer?

Award show tailoring

Dan Levy donned a citron lemon ensemble at the 78th annual Golden Globes, adding his signature flare. The Schitt’s Creek star wore gold metallic shoes and a sequin jumper to complete the monochromatic look. Appealing to a more traditional consumer, Nick Jonas announced the nominations for the 2021 Oscars in a head-to-toe mustard suit.

Easter & springtime

As the market got ready for Easter 2021, emails and Instagram features centering around color took the spotlight. Pastel yellow and floral prints are particular favorites. When it comes to fashion, this consumer tends to be more risk-averse, so staples like soft yellow polos and classic knits were perfect options to dress up in Sunday best attire.

Successful current trends

Wardrobe staples like polo shirts are a great place to start for the consumer with a more traditional style. This is also a safe trend for mid & mature retailers, who likely already carry this silhouette in their assortments. Keep tones soft with pastels, transitioning to honey mustard shades for summer.

Lightweight and perfect for summer, yellow linen is already seeing sell outs this quarter. Stick to golden shades for bottoms while experimenting with pale yellows in button-down shirts.

Socks and underwear are consistently refreshed in any man’s closet and often hold lower price points to invest. The sock category also adds a flash of color in an understated manner.

A classic plain tee never goes out of style and both long and short-sleeved options are having success. For an easy update, add a chest pocket, contrast trimming or subtle stripe designs. 

Fall 2021 design inspiration

The sporty dresser

What’s influencing this consumer?

Searches & sneakers

The color is on the upswing, according to Google Trend data. Beginning the first week of February, inquiries into yellow have crept back up with consumers searching for yellow shirts, shoes, jackets and hoodies within the Shopping category. Specific products piquing interest in menswear across the past 30 days have centered around sneakers, specifically Yeezys in frozen yellow and Nike Air Max shoes.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Set for a high-summer release, the sequel to the extremely popular Space Jam is on this consumer’s radar. LeBron James, who sports Lakers’ yellow on the NBA court, stars in the film alongside the signature yellow character, Tweety Bird. More anticipated movie releases influencing the color include Pokémon and its sequel to Detective Pikachu later this year and Minions: The Rise of Gru in 2022.

Successful current trends

Loungewear still has longevity when looking at the number of successful yellow hoodies and T-shirts so far this year. Oversized sweatshirts and sports graphics have moved particularly well.

Pastels have seen good SKU movement in hoodies and sweatshirts. However, look to submarine shades of bold yellow for a graphic tee that can be toned down with basic shorts or jackets.

With convenience at the fore, yellow sliders are a safer bet when first breaking into footwear. Keep designs simple and the price point low to test the waters. Upon success, consider offering infusing pops of yellow into sneakers via side panels of laces.

Activewear categories like training shorts are perfect for this consumer, who typically likes to stand out when playing sports or at the gym.

The outdoor trekker

What’s influencing this consumer?

Happy dressing

Following a difficult 2020, many are looking to yellow to spark joy and positivity this year. The color is associated with light and sunshine, which resulted in more consumers exploring the outdoors and spending time in nature. The latter also reaps massive benefits for both mental and physical wellbeing.

A focus on tech & fabric

Bright, bold shades work well for outdoor apparel where high-vis colors are vitally important. Golden yellow is often tied to classic rainwear items, signaling durability and fabric technology. Outerwear pieces such as puffers, parkas and skiwear offer another opportunity to slot yellow into your upcoming assortment this fall.

Successful current trends

All things active are on the agenda for this customer. While basic swim trunks are a sure winner, a $20 printed palm tree option from Bershka has experienced success this spring.

With skiing a naturally socially-distant activity, yellow puffers note good SKU movement and can easily transition to weekends during colder months. Keep design aesthetics simple with such a bold color and typically higher price point.

Lightweight outerwear serves transitional periods during a time when weather is unpredictable. Neons have done extremely well in this space. The trend can also cater to a utility or tech fabric story, giving it a longer shelf life into fall.

Shackets or overshirts offer layering potential and yellow options are moving at J.Crew and Zara. Heavyweight fabrics are performing best in this trend.

Fall 2021 design inspiration

The Trendsetter

What’s influencing this consumer?

Harry Styles

After peddling the sweater vest trend, Styles has moved onto yellow shades. The heartthrob sported a Gucci yellow plaid blazer and lavender boa to the Grammys this year in a Clueless-inspired ensemble. Styles was the talk of the event and left the night with an award for Best Pop Solo Performance for Watermelon Sugar.

Color of the year

After Pantone announced illuminating yellow as one of two shades spotlighted this year, a myriad of designers infused it into their Fall 2021 collections, piquing the interest of high-fashion consumers everywhere. Hero pieces from the industry’s biggest names include a dandelion trench at Dior, a canary overcoat at Prada and lemon knits at Jil Sander.

Successful current trends

When it comes to yellow, this consumer isn’t afraid to take a risk. Spliced hoodies at boohooMAN sold out with no discounts in just nine days and further cemented the continued interest in loungewear.

Look to neon and fashion-forward details like toggles or patchwork on cargo trousers to pique interest. Golden yellows or softer shades serve a more traditional consumer.

The classic vacation shirt has been a longtime fashion favorite for its versatility. It works for a wide range of shoppers, but reserve bold designs and unique collars for your most daring assortment additions.

A staple piece among mid & mature consumers, the trend is now skewing younger with all age ranges partaking. Layering is key when merchandising to show off styling potential.

Fall 2021 design inspiration

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