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The menswear playbook for preppy trends

TV shows influence the preference for prep and more tips on how to evolve the story into spring 2022.
The menswear playbook for preppy trends | EDITED

From the new Gossip Girl reboot and students returning to schools, the preppy trend has seen a revival especially through the popularity of the Dark Academia subculture. 

What's rising in the ranks across pop culture, retailers' assortments and on the runway? In this report, we provide a full-picture of what's propelling consumer interest in preppy stories now and tips for investing in spring 2022.

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Film & TV influences

  • Elite: The Netflix teen thriller series focuses on a group of private high-schoolers, with the much-anticipated fourth season set to release this month. Draw cues from the preppy school uniforms such as structured blazers, contrast trim and hints of retro athleisure.
  • Gossip Girl: The upcoming reboot of the popular series is set in the Upper East Side of New York and highlights varsity-inspired themes and a revival of preppy pieces. This also feeds into tenniscore aesthetics, which are set to be crucial this summer.
  • House of Gucci: Starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, the upcoming thriller film highlights preppy looks inspired by the 80s. The two stars have been photographed in pieces such as trench coats, knit sweaters and neck scarves on set, which will spur more prep-themed ensembles.

Top moving products

Take a page from market leaders

• Ralph Lauren - The retailer launched its Custom Polo as part of its Made to Order program, which offers hundreds of color combinations and helps reduce the use of excess fabric. It also focuses on making strides in the digital space, encouraging customers to Scan the Polo Pony with a Snapchat camera for a brand experience.

• J.Crew - The traditionally preppy retailer is making waves for hiring Brendon Babenzien, the former Creative Director from Supreme, in an effort to revamp its image. As one of the masterminds behind the cult streetwear brand's success, Babenzien also founded his own brand, Noah. This is just one of many examples of multiple aesthetics blending together.

• Brooks Brothers - The brand recently capitalized on the tennis movement with the release of its collaboration with FILA. The collection features pieces iconic to Brooks Brother's DNA such as sweater vests, color-blocked polos and button-down shirts. The brand also has entered the loungewear space, offering a range of sporty-inspired basics.

Isabel Marant Fall 2021
The menswear playbook for preppy trends | EDITED
Burberry Fall 2021
The menswear playbook for preppy trends | EDITED
Lacoste Fall 2021

Setting up for Spring 2022

Resort shows from Moschino and Dior have strong influences of this story weaved throughout their offerings. The former brand debuted double-breasted blazers with matching shorts in bold floral designs, while the latter showcased traditional cable knits, bombers and sporty co-ords for a similar preppy appeal. Neutral hues and pastels are a safe yet classic interpretation for the aesthetic, while bright colors appeal more to the summer season. Transition polo sweaters and outerwear styles in early spring to camp shorts and lightweight fabrics later in the season.

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